The dude spells it out loudly & clearly. I don't agree with everything he says, but I absolutely agree with the gist of his argument that our body, if ill, is best rested & unfed and NOT given "helpful" things like medicines. I agree with his argument that we humans have been around for 100s of thousands of years and managed to live without vaccines & pharmaceuticals -- and managed to live for all these years WITHOUT being wiped out by any bacteria or "viruses". We humans have never been so unhealthy as we have been for the last couple of hundred of years -- whilst supposedly modern medicine has advanced tremendously. It has not. It has served to poison us in a thousand different ways. Cancer is off the charts. Avoid all tests & screenings & needles & vaccines & jabs & antibiotics & check-ups. Avoid the vets. Teach your children about poisons disguised as "medicines". Teach them to live naturally & organically without chemicals & allopathic medicines.

All Dr Herbert M. Shelton lectures in MP3s 1.6GB

Natural Hygiene Principles Applied to the Sick

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Filmed last year sometime in November maybe 2018
I have changed my mind since then to certain people however.. not including anyone that I personally know.

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