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"I had breast cancer, and after my surgery I had a surgery that had to remove the one expander. So, I had to wait six months in order for them to restart and open me up and do a new surgery and the morning of I was running a very high fever and I formed shingles."

- Renee Leone

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Shingles Virus Eradicated via Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleanse. Tom Paladino, scalar energy researcher, demonstrates how scalar energy disassembles shingles virus to eradicate it from the subject's body, thus promoting renewed health and vitality.

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My comments for each video are below this long blurb. I also give credit if the video is from another channel and I have the link.

For both Truthers and Normies... the ONLY way we are going to fight this thing is IF you finally recognize that you have power within.

Please PLEASE start working on your issues. This is why it's so easy for the evils to control us, because they have harmed us psychologically for hundreds of years through all sorts of trauma - war, poverty, death, sickness through their poisons, physical and sexual abuse, all sorts of EMFs, RFs, MFs, etc., AND brainwashing and mind control.

Please start releasing your trauma and raise your vibration and learn how to use the occult to protect yourself from these evils.

They can NOT harm us if our vibration is high and we use our power within. I'll upload more tools as I find them.

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You can sub to my main YT channel if you want, but as of April 7, 2021, I will no longer be uploading there unless it's something I'm almost positive I won't get a strike for from nazi goolag, so that means 99% of the videos I upload won't be there, although I do love their playlist feature, so I hope you watch them because there's a wealth of information there.

I tried a workaround, but now they are striking me for that too and I just don't need the stress or want to waste the extra time it takes to do all of that extra work.


It's also a good idea to sub to my YT backup channel...


As of April 7, 2021, you can find all of my videos on these 2 censorship free platforms.


As usual, there's tons of bugs with BC, so if the referral link doesn't work, go here - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/PwuzxHtoe7Eo/


Saying that, the evils are going after LBRY/Odysee, so they may be closed down soon.

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Lastly, here are my views on other video platforms I've tried out including the ones I'm currently on - https://ourfreesociety.com/video-platforms/

Original link - https://youtu.be/mKbWABCO5S8

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ChickenPox Vaccine Found to be Causing an Increase in Shingles
An excerpt from the Series, Vaccines Revealed.
Dr Goldman worked for the CDC and discovered that the Chickenpox vaccine caused an increase in Shingles. The CDC tried to block him from publishing this information, but he won in court that his research belonged to him and not the CDC.
What he explained at length in the Series of Vaccines Revealed, is when you're exposed to or around kids with chickenpox, you're automatically inoculated against shingles. Basically, a free vaccine for shingles.

You can search and purchase the Vaccines Revealed Series. It's worthwhile to own.
Always use duckduckgo to search, NEVER use google as they censor.

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