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This video has a clip of a simulation from 2018 showing just how easy it is to full the masses with the use of media and propaganda.

The simulated pandemic, based on realistic projections, got bad fast: Millions died globally, health-care systems collapsed, and the U.S. stock market crashed. (Larry Canner/Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security)

"As panic spread and riots took place, Brooks, the Indiana congresswoman, said: “We have to have someone working on this day in and day out. ... I have advocacy groups lining up and coming in one after another. They want vaccines to be prioritized. ... They do not understand what’s going on.” ~ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2018/05/30/this-mock-pandemic-killed-150-million-people-next-time-it-might-not-be-a-drill/

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The Modern World is a PILE of Dog Feces -- Clean it up and start NEW! Cover is Wisdom. Blessings!

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(Originally published Sept. 9, 2018)
Alex Jones gets banned from Twitter and Colin Kaepernick lights it up!

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Amazing that this speech is still on Youtube considering that Breitbart drops many names of the radical left.

Also, see the short clip of Breitbart calling out John podesta - "what's in your closet John podesta?" Regarding Pizzagate pedophilia. Here:



Isaac Kappy names Hollywood pedophiles.


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Discussing (vocally) what it's like with the new bone conduction headphones and my experience with listening to people talk.

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