Here's an improvisation that started out on my long neck baglama saz. Later I added four tracks of drums including darbuka, riq, frame drum and a marimba via my Roland Handsonic. Later in the song I add a couple guitar tracks on my G&L ASAT using guitar rig 6 and bias fx 2. Playing in key with the saz is tricky in standard guitar tuning but it lets you explore new scales to harmonize with the bflat, f and c notes of the saz.

The overall mood of this improvisation is mysterious and a bit creepy. It kind of reminds me of Greek mythology where a siren at sea calls ships to their demise on a rocky shoreline.

Thanks for listening :-)

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Die Sirenen vom 10.09.2020

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Starting off Ep.47 of Our podcast, we cover a recent folklore that just started up online. This crazy creature, the Siren Head will kill your eardrums, and may or may not eat you. (This is still disputed, and may be linked to different variants of the creature.) This gives us one more reason why, we shouldn't go on a hike alone in the woods! Although, it may have already started to attack small towns! Let us know if you have any other folklore, SCP's, or movies you would like us to cover! If you would rather listen than watch, a link to the podcast on Soundcloud will be down below, along with our other social media platforms.
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-627908802
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfa2V3CogtBFqd7Y5WpZM_A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FolkloreScrolls

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Federal Signal STH-10A🔊

🕛 The daily noon fire siren in Marksville, Louisiana that's heard for miles around, not to mention 200 feet away in the nursing home, the court house, city hall, businesses, residences, etc.
This siren is heard every day at noon (365), not during fires, not during tornadoes or weather events with straight line winds. Honestly though, the sirens on the individual fire trucks and vehicles are loud enough to be heard across town and are used during fires. The site across the street where I filmed the siren was the property where a brick house (ranch style) on a concrete slab burned and was a total loss in the 11am hour on a weekday about ten years ago.
🚒 I am not saying negative things about fire departments nor firefighters, sometimes local elected or appointed officials can overstep their authority and impose decisions. I know that many of the enthusiasts of sirens are also part of the backbone of this great nation. 🗽
🔈 I believe that by using this valuable community resource on a daily basis, literally 365, it is being worn out prematurely. I genuinely would like to see this siren used during large fires or any weather event with straight line winds in excess of 50mph, like some of the Spring weather associated with frontal passages. 🌪
I'll leave it to others with more experience to comment on this individual sirens' condition and health 🔈 🔉🔊

⚖ I have mentioned on Twitter that it is illegal, even in Louisiana, for campaign signs to be placed at polling stations (where people vote). That was the case in 2018 when the campaign signs shown at the end of the video were placed at both entrances over 30 days before the election. In Louisiana, all campaign signs must be at least 500 feet away from the polling place. Using taxpayer money to buy signs endorsing the tax renewal is another matter.

🚔 I'll say again what I have said publicly for many years, including to reporters from the BBC and the Daily Mail, that I've never seen a town more in need of a FBI enema than Marksville, Louisiana.

Thank you to all subscribers. Any subs to my YouTube channel linked below would also be appreciated.


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