Was Sirhan Sirhan hypnotically programmed to assassinate Bobby Kennedy? For the last eleven years, Dr. Daniel Brown, a leading expert on hypnosis and coercive persuasion at Harvard Medical School, and Sirhan's attorney Laurie Dusek, have spent over 150 hours with Sirhan, trying to recover his memory of the shooting. These sessions have produced some extraordinary new evidence of the "range mode" programming allegedly used to set up Sirhan as the lone assassin. On the 50th anniversary of the assassination, you can now watch Brown and Dusek discuss these new discoveries for the first time.

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Pub Date: Mar 17, 2011 A special emergency broadcast from the donations of our listeners. Jim Berkland who predicted '89 San Francisco earthquake says California may get hit between March 19-26, part of California coastal highway 1 falls into the sea. U.S. $ collapse imminent likely basis for Japan attack. HAARP came alive at midnight March 9th target Japan. Japanese installed most dangerous possible fuel rods last year. Was it for a secret nuclear weapons program? Illuminati card game says earthquake and tsunami. HAARP graph matches stock graph, China syndrome myth, Washington's Hanford nuclear site practice run for Japan? Greatest secrets of the cold war: Russian Mayak disaster of '48 put the equivalent of 2,500 bombs in the air, U.S. released 7800 curies of radiation in '49 to test the air with 'The Green Run'. The Kuril Missile Crisis Russia putting cruise missiles on former Japanese islands. Taiwan for North Korea in the works. Clinton and Gadaffi Jr. official State Dept. representative. LIBYA. BAHRAIN. Brookings Institute 'Which Path to Persia' and Clarion Fund's PNAC authors say war in 'Iranium' report. THE WORLD WAR 4 PROJECT is on the drawing board. Need a good beating go to Denver. RFID killers Lee Harvey, Jared Lee & Sirhan Sirhan. MOVIE KNOWING CODED THE JAPAN QUAKE BANG ON! On Conspiracy Cafe Target Japan!



SIRHAN SIRHAN (Notice the rice grain like bulge in the upper left photo above the eye)
Also note the left eye in all the subjects is swollen and appears lazy.

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