Sherri Lynn here I am starting my new show the vision God put up on my heart this morning after my morning prayer to speak this information and to pray for the people we must stand together and fight we must do all things to stand in Jesus name for humanity for the children for our friends neighbors family Jesus Christ our Lord we must stand!!!

Bible Scriptures:

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God Bless,
Sherri Lynn

Praying Mama's & Papa's

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WOW ! Speechless.
(Irony off)

WHAT??? As many as 16 ACTUALLY SUBSCRIBED??? WOW! THAT'S QUITE OVERWHELMING, as it certainly expresses true love and appreciation for one's energy, efforts and time (stress) producing FREE content, made available to anyone...(Irony off)


To all those other thousands of non-subscribing outside and Bitchute viewers: THANK YOU TOO, you helped us make a profound decision: WE ARE OUT OF THE "BUILD A SUBSCRIBER BASE" RAT RACE, as of immediately...

WE ARE SLAVES NO MORE to the dictate of economy and social media consumer high expectations ! We'll take an extended break, and rather be living life instead.

Honestly, we did't expect YT-like (fake) millions of viewers to subscribe to our channel, but WE WISH MORE WOULD'VE SHOWN A BIT MORE APPRECIATION BY SUBSCRIBING... as it costs you nothing, but would've motivated us enormously to continue producing FREE content.
But, it is what it is.

Subsequently, we'll keep the channel running for now, and may or may not publish more FREE content from time to time in the near future, but we no longer feel obligated to.

We may, however, consider publishing FREE content regularly IF the magic number of at least 100 subscribers is reached.

Until then, so long, enjoy what's there, for now !


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