Wes from Harold's Cross called into Livelive and said that 24 migrants are paying €10K to live in the five bedroom house next door which is only 10,000 square feet. He said the tenants are mainly Brazilians with part-time jobs who each pay €435. He's called the guards a number of times to the property over various disturbances but nothing is ever done. He and his wife often can't sleep and his daughter said she couldn't take it any more. It sounds like a party is happening every night. He remembers one incident when one of the tenants puked over his garden gate but when he gave out to him, he just laughed and got into a taxi.

He says the 24 people share one corner couch and one four ring hob and twice the home has been fumigated for bed bugs. He got a terrible toxic smell in his house as a result and had to vacate it.

Wes says he and his wife were so frustrated, they brought the landlord to the RTB for adjudication but as the landlord refused to engage, he got no satisfaction. Wes now believes that the Minister for Housing needs to do something.

He wonders how can it be perfectly legal "to stick 20 or 30 people into that house without any penalty whatsoever"

In the uk, a five bedroom home is allowed to accommodate a maximum of 10 people.

Wes says there are rules like the 1966 housing act which requires each person to have 400 cubic feet of space but this act is not enforced.

Dublin city council said they "don't have the legislation".

Wes believes it all goes back to the housing minister for housing.

"He advertises this idea of co-living and that's what we have next door."

Broadcast Liveline | RTÉ Radio One | 16 Oct 2019

1 year, 6 months ago