end usury and the rest follows
baby permit
boot antiwhites aka antimajority
ban subgroup talk in all mediums
free house for all and unlimted 20/mo rental rooms in dorms in middle of cities and all around
all policies to increace housing surplus and deport more people
no immigration
no offshore work
no foriegn workers
no asset in this country owned by anyone outside of country
thorium atomic
end all scarcity using tek
end lawyer n judge and replace with computer
end big tek and media which end when usury ends anyhow all built on funny money printed
no unions or pension
no traffic light all roundabout instead
no talk of man made climate change in any medium
advance good tek like plan 9 from bell labs and colorforth and rmox from u kent in uk
capture riot mobs and charge for security costs use tranq dart and shoot in leg if flee if needbe
delete universities and schools
no annoyances in general

2 months, 2 weeks ago