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Your ability to spread information across the digital battlefield and bypass their control is what they fear [narrative failure] and why they are doing everything in their power to disrupt [false labeling [daily attacks], censorship, termination, gov hearings > foundation to term/censor, etc].
Keep charging, Midnight Riders!
Information Warfare.
Hunters become the Hunted.

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All For A LARP?
Ask yourself, WHY?

"TRUTH RAPS TOO!!!" -General Flynn https://t.me/RealGenFlynn/157

Liberals Melt After Incredible New Rap Video SPEAKS TRUTH
"Snowflakes" by rapper Tom MacDonald

ThanQ Tom for the great song!!!

*For educational purposes.

1 month, 1 week ago

A snowflake world

2 months ago

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What's Wrong with these Snowflakes?
#Snowflakes #millennials #westerners


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2. https://drop.space/v/TD64y4
3. https://bittube.tv/post/5d6c9ba3-7c7d-46fc-be08-b992b77abecb
4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/t3xG3dfdESEp/

Compare to other countries in the world

#HardWorking #WorkingGirls #SnowFlakes #Antifa #BLM #LadiesAtWork #Women

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Original Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQP3bsv600s

You can thank greedy corporations ( directly and indirectly ) for the destruction of the family unit, but more on that in another video.

4 months, 2 weeks ago

Track 13 from the 2009 "Be Careful What You Wish For" release. Nationalist hard rock/metal from Texas.

7 months ago

Animated Award Winning Production via CGI **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short: "Glace à l'eau" - by ECV Animation Bordeaux | TheCGBros

mashed with Tchaikovsky - Waltz Of The Snowflakes

8 months, 2 weeks ago

If you like this video, or even if you don’t, please check out the International False Rape Timeline


and if possible support me on Patreon:


or by making a direct donation. Details at the bottom of the linked page below:


The above video was uploaded to YouTube on November 10, 2017.

9 months, 4 weeks ago

Why does the BBC give pathetic young women like this any space at all?

11 months ago

A look into what happened during one part of the national convention of the Democratic Socialists of America in Atlanta this weekend.

1 year, 3 months ago

This young lady cleverly destroys libtard snowflakes in this hilarious rant against them.

1 year, 4 months ago

Wizard's War: Silicon Valley Born by MILINDCOMP $ Money--How Did it Turn Into Social Marxist LIBTARD Central?

The presentation below asks the question--but doesn't answer it. Only a small hint that the 1968 Peacenik protests killed Stanford's DoD classified work--but CIA-funded dirty-tricks continue as seen by the liar Blasey Ford's leftist psychological attacks on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh--and more recently their immoral and illegal censorship of the CIA LIAR-blower Eric CIAscumbagRAMELLA's name on Rockefeller Illuminati off-spring, Zuckerberg's FACEBOOK and on YOUTUBE to hide Anti-President Trump coup treasons by the DEEP STATE--all based in the Silicon Valley, gay area.


Some evidence of Rockefeller Illuminati funding to Silicon Valley corporate welfare shown...

So what gives with the Silicon Valley hipsters biting the Military, Industrial, Intelligence, Congressional Complex (MILINDCOMP) hand that feeds them?

Our working theory:

Subsidized by fair mid-Kalifornia weather (TBATE) and MILINDCOMP easy $ money (TBAM), spoiled baby boomer, children turned towards HEDONISM--which in their inexperienced minds deludes themselves that the WW2-level life stoicism of their elders was not and is not necessary--they can instead mentally out-smart all of life's problems with no-effort, gadgetry like computers. They have no clue about what it takes to tangibly problem-solve and bring to market new non-gadgetry, widgets expecting the dumber stoics that do--to fund their life hedonism of daily plus 7+ pleasure levels.

The solution is 2-years of National Service (NS) to get ALL kids out of their artificially easy--or even hard--home areas of experience who would instead live the 4 seasons of weather all across North America and the world doing nationally-important, co-operative tasks seeing there is more to life than self-centered, consumerism or even selfish competition.

The Hedonist Hippie Baby Boomers of the '60s have indeed changed somewhat into the selfish "Me Generation" in the '80s that realized they had to get real jobs, but lacking a moral world-view center only offered to their children DO AS I SAY--OR ELSE authoritarianism which created in them an embrace of statism as their new Mommy/Daddy. If the 20-somethings do as their told without any personal integrity to verify if its moral or not--they keep getting their allowances, self phones, cars etc. and then later in life a Basic Universal Income (BUI). A vivid example of the "Simon Says" Boomer who doesn't believe in any moral core beliefs are Bill & Hillary Clinton who started as hippies then became yuppies politicians who mix & match whatever they want into best demagogic reality quilt for them, personally. Voting her or someone like her in as POTUS to "Simon Says this or that" is not going to get the myriad of hedonistic identity group's agenda imposed on the rest of us. An actual Liberal believes people are basically good--so you talk to them ie; diplomacy. Yet Hillary Clinton is now a foaming-at-the-mouth Russia hater and WW3 monger. Why?

Because Hillary is under direct orders of the DEEP STATE Illuminati the "Eyes Wide Shut" Rothschild Satanists who have switched from the CIA-instigated Islamic terraist bogeymen (9/11 False Flag Attacks) to CIA-concocted Russian/Chinese dire threats for bigger MILINDCOMP war material' and foreign occupations profits. Actual liberals need to wake-up and realize Hillary IS NOT ONE OF THEM--either a leftist or a woman identity--she is a DEEP STATE Illuminati operative. Voting her or someone like her in as POTUS to un-Constitutionally (TRANSLATION: illegally) set America's social norms is not going to get the identity group's agenda imposed on the rest of the country--unless its damaging to us ie; it advances the Illuminati's agenda.

If this wasn't bad enough, rejecting Social Marxism and defaulting back to naked Capitalism without Capital and fascist militarism is the other end of the Hegelian vise we are in. Leftists are quick to point out right-wing evils--but poorly in the context of these things not being liberalism or Marxism--instead of condemning them as morally wrong according to a core belief system that is sound. This core belief system does not have to be Christianity forced on everyone--but bedrock civilizational principles we all can agree on like: not killing, not stealing, not adulterating, not lying, not coveting. Electronic gadgetry has made it easy for everyone to concoct all sorts of legitimate-looking lies and even personal attack libels that are not stopped--the 1787 U.S. Constitution has not been updated to defend against the 1900 Industrial Age whose widget production made the Illuminati billionaires awash in plenty of cash to corrupt every aspect of life and the previously-described, 2000 DISinformation Age.


James Bond is REAL.

1 year, 8 months ago

Due to the endless deluge of paranoid, apocalyptic propaganda Democrats have drowned their base in over the past 3 years - presidential candidates must now be safe space counseling to their fragile, snowflake base having a mental break.
You made the bed...


1 year, 10 months ago

Some comedian who recently made a joke about Tourettes Syndrome.
This audacity to violate the rules of the social justice overlords who feign to tell us what we are and are not allowed to do has caused the expected amount of virtue signalling emotional incontinence you would expect from SJWs.

As it happens, I have Tourettes syndrome myself, so, for what its worth, I reckon I'd put in my two cents worth on this matter.

Tourette's charity attacks 'rubbish' winning joke at Fringe festival

Tourette Syndrome Fact Sheet

1 year, 11 months ago


1 year, 11 months ago

After Cancer Research calls out obesity as a major contributing fact to the illness, the emotionally incontinent rage.

2 years ago

Original video: https://youtu.be/iP7bwYslLYo


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This is just a backup video site of the videos i found and that i think should be preserved and watched by who cares about #privacy #surveillance #freespeech #greenterrorism #colectivism #floss #freedombox etc


As i said above, this is just a backup that i can use to link without fearing that #themtube deletes it or the owners accounts.

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