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Part 1 of 5. John Clark talks about his background and growing up with Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. He was friends with Sonny Bono (of Sonny and Cher) and describes how his skiing accident death was a murder in 1998.
John Clark, 79 is a former investigative journalist, concert producer, Congressional Liaison , radio host, documentary film maker, expert on illegal immigration, author and poet.
You’ll discover he’s an exciting speaker informing you about a variety of amazing topics, both current and historical, telling of the lives of celebrity people from his own personal experiences.
You can order John's book about Jerry Garcia and the Hell's Angels, "Dead Angel" from Amazon at:

He has grown up with, rubbed shoulders with, and is first cousins to one of many interesting celebrities, actors, rock stars, Congressmen, and even some mafia types. Clark has also lived through some terrifying personal experiences, which he relates in his books.

Clark’s personal experiences and topics deal with the following: How he discovered that he was the first cousin of Marilyn Monroe [Norma Jean Baker’s], her personal life, her sad childhood, her relationship with the Kennedy family and the real story of how she was killed; the truth behind the assassination of both Jack and Bobby Kennedy; Clark’s personal relationship with Congressman Sonny Bono and the truth about his murder; inside information on the mafia and Jimmy Hoffa and how he was murdered.

Clark writes about the private life of D.B. Cooper, including his real name, what motivated him to hijack and ransom a Boeing 727 airplane, and with a backpack full of $200,000 (all in $20 bills), parachute into the dark night somewhere over a forested area between Oregon and Washington. That is where the official story ends. The FBI finally have given up on ever finding him or who his real identity is. John Clark picks up the story from there and tells how D.B. Cooper landed and where, and makes it to a small cafe. Clark and a friend have retraced Cooper’s steps and tell what has since happened to him. John is now writing a book that will include a chapter about D.B. Cooper’s life story. It is entitled Jump in the Darkness.

Books and a description of them:
Dead Angel – reveals much of the early life of “Grateful Dead” rock star Jerry Garcia, whom John Clark grew up with in San Francisco. It reveals how John and Jerry first encounter outlaw bikers and how Jerry later became part of the biker group “Hell’s Angels.” It tells how Garcia conceived and formed the band, “the Grateful Dead” and reveals the turbulent culture and life style of rock musicians and bikers starting back in the 1960s. Viewable for the first time are several original photos of Jerry Garcia. Praise for the book's “realism” comes from those close to the action, Jerry Garcia's brother Cliff.

Pozan - a true story about an amazing “encounter” that John Clark, his first wife, children and friends had while camping near the Mohave Desert in Southern California. Pozan offers real and unique insights into the effects upon persons subjected to the very credible phenomenon of alien abduction or contact.

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