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KastKing Sharky III Innovative Water Resistance Spinning Reel 18KG Max Drag Power Fishing Reel for Bass Pike Fishing

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Jordan Smith, Old School Survival Bootcamp Spinning and Fiber Arts!

Phoenix Survival, Spinning Fiber, Spinning wheel, wool, angora rabbit, Natural Fibers, Plucking, Llamas Alpaca, Camel

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This is part 4 of 5 in the expanded version of the presentation I gave at the 2017 First Annual Flat Earth International Conference in Raleigh, NC. This was one of two parts I didn't have time to do when I did it live. And in the original presentation it was significantly shorter, but since I have the time to unpack it here, I put back a lot of what I had cut out. So, if I would have had a lot more time, this is where the presentation would have gone next.

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OK, let's be honest here.

Will you ever forget this song after seeing the video?!

There are songs where the videos are sort of an afterthought. Then there are songs like this one, where the video and its content is as important as the song itself!

Kylie is the ultimate pop female musician because while she does have musical talent, she knows it's about "selling the product"!

And, boy, does she ever "sell" the product in this music video!!

It doesn't hurt that the song itself is a really good dance tune!!

This is one is a guilty pleasure for me!!

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Why Flat Earth Matters
When the spinning ball-Earth is finally exposed worldwide for the 500 year deception it was, Earth's entire population will suddenly be faced with the reality that every government, every space agency, university, secret society, religious organization, mainstream and alternative media outlet have all been duplicitous in propping up a monstrous manipulation to fleece and control the masses. The resulting mass mental exodus away from the control system is exactly what humanity needs. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these lying politicians, spokesmen, reporters and teachers suddenly change from being heralded voices of authority to being ridiculed, shunned and denounced as they deserve. Once the flat Earth truth gets out, these governments, universities, media outlets and other entangled organizations which have long been hard at work weaving this multi-generational ball-Earth myth, suddenly and completely lose all credibility. Once the truth of our flat Earth gets out, so does the truth of these few elite families/societies who have kept this most important and fundamental reality from us for these hundreds of years! Essentially, once the flat Earth truth gets out, so does every other important truth by proxy, because this "mother-of-all-conspiracies" holds under its umbrella literally all of the other conspiracies, and exposes them.

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You are not living on a cartoon !
Northstar is fixed !
71% water on earth is level flat !
Wake up !

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why spinning got demonized and called the work of the Devil. Was it known back then by the demonized so called Witches that the Blood is being spun through the Heart which is not a pump.

With the Abrakadabra Religions it also came along that the former Caretakers of well being got holocausted -without any reparation money by the way - but therefore demonized as Witches to this very day. They were accusing them of "spinning". Is it that the heart we are seeing here is actually spinning the blood and not pumping it at all and that the Witches knew this all along? Well since they were burnt to death we entered into the phase of Frankenstein Medicine and probably also in the phase of blood drinking behind the chambers of the Butcherias?

7 months ago

spinning mercury for anti gravity

7 months ago

They Keep Spinning Their Webb Of Lies!

7 months, 1 week ago

They Keep Spinning Their Webb Of Lies!

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You are invited to join us in church on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM (Central time) or Wed evening at 6:30 PM (Central time). You can also join the WFR LIVESTREAM Facebook group for fellowship, discussion, and prayer.

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You are invited to join us in church on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM (Central time) or Wed evening at 6:30 PM (Central time). You can also join the WFR LIVESTREAM Facebook group for fellowship, discussion, and prayer.

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Granny Spinning in Romania (2014)

The footage shows the young men standing outside a bar, apparently in the village of Jilava, in the Romanian county of Ilfov, near the capital Bucharest.

They are seen laughing as one of their number spins the terrified woman, who is wearing what appears to be a dressing gown, around in the street.

They then collapse in laughter as she attempts to escape, visibly disorientated.

The spinner is then shown proudly flexing his muscles in front of his friends after the attack as the old woman stumbles off.

His friends are heard shouting: "Spin her more! Spin her more" and "Again, Again" followed by "Run and catch her, do it again" and "that's so cool man."

Archival purposes only.

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Psych Warfare in WWII became Post War Propaganda turned History
In WWII there were 22 labor camps that have come to be called concentration camps or death camps. Of these 22 camps 16 were in Germany and 6 were in Poland. After the war ended the 16 camps located east of the Iron curtain were internationally inspected, the prisoners were liberated and conditions in the camps as in the rest of Germany were abysmal. People were emaciated, as there were food shortages. Many people had died from disease which is a natural side effect of extreme hunger. As the body wilts away the immune system drops and diseases one used to be able to fight can become lethal. There were however no homicidal gas chambers. This did not stop the American OSS (Later called the CIA) from trying to fake one. At Dachau a camp originally created to house anti-Nazi Germans, the Americans built a large crematory. It had not been there during the war. The rumors of gas chambers in the Polish camps were spreading. However, this effort failed as America soldiers had taken before and after photographs. The press was free enough to debunk this deception before it took root

In the East the Soviets also reconstructed or some would say simply constructed, a gas chamber at Auschwitz. Upon inspection it is clear that the building once had internal walls and toilets and these were simply removed to create one large room. Holes were also put in the ceiling and a chimney, purely for show that is not even attached to the building, was created adjacent to it

Of all the other 5 camps in Poland, none of them have any and there is no physical evidence of any gas chambers. This has caused people to doubt the veracity of the homicidal gas chamber claims. Also clams about gas chambers disguised as showers, such as at Majdanek which actually has showers hooked to water wells, and no traces of Zyclon B in the shower rooms or any other rooms other and a clothing delousing chamber, further cast doubt on the story. A list of obvious exaggerations also cast doubt on the war time rumors. There were alleged shock chambers, steam chambers, death by a roller coaster that led to an oven, death by freezing in a giant refrigerator, death by an electrocuted pool, death by felling trees, gas vans, being fed to a bear and an eagle, claims of rivers of blood, and all manner of objects made from human body parts most infamously the skin lampshades, human soap, human hair stuff mattresses, which apparently is why prisoners got haircuts, not to prevent lice but because German women wanted to sleep on lice filled mattresses stuff with human hair. There were shrunken heads, human pelvis ashtrays, and an array of paraphernalia displayed by the OSS to German citizens post War as part of a de-Nazification program. It was and is propaganda. The props were not authentic; they built off of war time rumors. So the question becomes where is the line? Just because some things were rumors doesn’t mean that everything was. Likewise just because some atrocities were real doesn’t mean any and all claims of horror are true no matter how farfetched

A huge problem is that questioning ANY aspect of the Holocaust is illegal in most European countries and will cause one and has caused people to be put in prison. Making a Historical event illegal to question has also caused more doubt not less about the event. There are some people motivated for a love of Hitler or even actual anti-Semitism that simply won’t believe an extermination plan existed and will not believe in homicidal gas chambers regardless of nonphysical evidence like witness testimonies, no matter what because it does not fit their world view. There are far more people however who will not doubt homicidal gas chambers and six million deaths no matter what because of a hatred of Hitler and Nazism which strongly stems from the belief in the Holocaust. In this way the atrocity propaganda is self enforcing because if it is believed for even a second then it become impossible to doubt because, in the mind that person, doubting such a thing makes them a Nazi and the Nazis did this horrible thing. In a way it can be like believing a religion because of the fear of Hell. One has to already be religious to fear Hell since the concept of Hell is also part of that religion. What it does though is it keeps those of the faith from straying. It’s atrocity/fear propaganda with cyclical enforcement

It does not make on e a Nazi to doubt, question, or even reject war propaganda claims about Nazi Atrocities. It also does not make one anti-German to believe the propaganda. If the Holocaust narrative is 100% true then what is the evidence. If it is not then why and how did it come to be that so many people believe it anyway?

Two authors stationed in America and Japan, places where it is not yet illegal to explore these questions have complied the works of many researchers as well as primaries sources form the 1930-80s that cast light on this

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Learn to make an easy top whorl drop spindle with things you probably already have laying around your house! Whether you want to learn how to spin, or are an experienced spinner, this tutorial will teach you how to make a great drop spindle in a couple minutes.

I actually like this spindle better than some of the drop spindles I have purchased. The weight is perfect, and you can achieve a really nice long spin. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Happy Spinning!

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Music Credit: “Fantasyland” by Quincas Moreira

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