This was the best Splash and Bubbles Pole-to-Pole movie EVER! I'm so glad this is the best movie day ever with the Reeftown Rangers and High School Musical Madness/Disney Channel! It was a fintastic great time! Oh my fursona is "Splash". you can see him next to redi wolf in the drawing at the very end.

Songs: "High School Musical Megamix", "Counting on You", "When there was Me and You","The Start of Something New","What I've been Lookin for You"(Stage instrumental), "Bop to the Top/What Iv'e been Lookin For","Breaking Free", "You Are the Music in Me", "Bet On It", "I Don't Dance", and "WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER"/NIIC paws to the walls".

1 month, 2 weeks ago