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The Deep State Snakes war has always been against true Christians! In the beginning (DayOfCreation) was TheWord (JesusChrist) And TheWord was with God, and TheWord was God! Gal3:16! Acts7:43! Rev3:9! iAmTheWatchman.com USBabylon.com! i3NewYork.com! TrumpThinkTank.com! Homeless2WhiteHouse.com! MissilesNotPlanes.com! RipTedGunderson.com!

Wherever you see '33' in my videos, it represents taking back the good things stolen. Messiah was 33 when he was crucified. The #3 in my .coms is a heart <3 = Love & God being 3 in 1. Evil ones mock God & #WeThePeople!
We expose them. Take back what the devil stole. I also started using 3 to replace E as using hundreds of .com since 2010, it gave me more options.

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