What the Hell Was That? Was Biden on the Floor? (Steve Martin SNL skit)
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On this highlight, Chris tells Neeley a story about how much his dad loved Steve Martin's album LET'S GET SMALL.

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Another personal favourite of mine too and a fan of Actor Steve Martin movies - cover also re-created by @Freethinker Media Channel - enjoy! + see story details below)

"L.A STORY" - (A Classic Steve Martin Comedy/Romance - 1991)
(Run-time:PG-13 + 1hr 35min + Viewer Discretion Advised)

Harris K. Telemacher (Steve Martin) has the easiest job in the world: he's a TV weatherman in Los Angeles, where the weather is so predictable he tapes his forecasts days in advance.
Bored with his job, his life and his relationship with longtime girlfriend Trudi (Marilu Henner), Harris begins to receive secret messages from an electronic freeway sign near his home, which lead him to pursue romance with a British journalist (Victoria Tennant) and a vapid young model (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Stars: Steve Martin, Victoria Tennant, Richard E. Grant

(Movie background)
L.A. Story is a 1991 American satirical romantic comedy film written by and starring Steve Martin and directed by Mick Jackson.
The plot follows a weatherman (Martin) trying to find love in Los Angeles. It was released on February 8, 1991, and received generally positive reviews from critics.

(Production info)
Initial release: 8th February, 1991 (USA)
Director: Mick Jackson
Writer: Steve Martin
Screenplay: Steve Martin, Mick Jackson
Music composed by: Peter Rodgers Melnick
The film earned $6.6 million during its opening weekend, and ended its theatrical run with a gross of $28 million.
Box office: $28.9 million USD

5 months ago

Another personal favourite of mine too and a fan of these three actors: Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short movies - cover also re-created by @Freethinker Media Channel - enjoy! + see story details below)

"THREE AMIGOS" - (Classic Western/Comedy - 1986)
(Run-time:PG - 1hr 44min + Viewer Discretion Advised)

Three out-of-job actors travel to a Mexican village thinking that they are being asked to reprise their famous roles as the Three Amigos, but find out that the village is being attacked by bandits.

Stars: Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short

(Production info)
Initial release: 10th December, 1986 (Beverly Hills)
Director: John Landis
Budget: $25 million USD
Box office: $39.2 million USD
Screenplay: Steve Martin, Randy Newman, Lorne Michaels

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Steve Martin on Saturday Night Live,

11 months ago

Steve Martin Bluegrass and Comedy

1 year, 3 months ago

Hilarity by Default asks Who It Could Have Been: would Steve Martin have played a good Genie of the Lamp in Disney's animated smash hit ALADDIN (1992)? How would he have compared to the legendary Robin Williams?

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I received some Vinyl Records in the mail from my friend Steve in Maine.

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