WATCH ALL of this one!!! This is a Good One. JUNE 15, 2022.

Science and medicine have no other modern definition than FAKE at this point in time. Dr. Judy Mikovits presents her findings of medical fraud, and how Fauci was involved in her arrest AND career destruction.

IN 2004 they CLONED SARS/COV-2 and shortly after they cloned Influenza A from dead corpses dug up.
Judy exposes the murdering thug Fauci and how he Weaponizes Vaccines. This is Premeditated Murder says Mikovits.
Aborted Fetal Cells are used in almost ALL Drugs and it is NOT supposed to. These CAUSE Autoimmune Disease. We cannot trust a single drug made from these homicidal Nazi's.

Judy knows what she is talking about as she worked on the inside at National Cancer Institute and she is very, very smart - very smart, she truly knows here material. She knows that this is an attempted mass genocide.

Judy says SARS/COV-2 is NOT a Coronavirus but a Pararetrovirus. She says EVERY shot is not SAFE, going way back. She says the goal is to infect us and make us sick with diseases to enrich big pharma.
Every person who was injured by vaccines should be compensated.

They plan on killing us.

How did Fauci get all this power? By Complying to play the Mass Genocide Crime Game and his involvement in conspiring the HIV pandemic proved he was just the man for this game.

Fauci has ALWAYS been in Bed with Big Pharma.

The Blacks in the Military in 1990 were Guinea Pigs for a Vaccine. They Burks Redfield Vaccine.

Who is involved? High Levels of all of these - FDA, CDC, WHO, NIH and many others.

The JOURNALS are Criminal FRAUD. FAKE Science. They are Teaching our Doctors LIES. Ivermectin is actually a very good Drug but they are lying to our doctors.

The Wet Market had NOTHING to do with this Fake Plandemic.

They want to Depopulate the world to 500 million by causing infertility and sterility, they want to destroy the US Military and bring down America.

This is a HATE Crime Against Christians.

Hope for Accountability? Judy says not from what sees today.

She says right now her focus is on healing.
Bayer poisons EVERYTHING she says. Pepto Bismal and Food.

The FDA is supposed to keep our food safe, they allow and go with the poisoning. Our Food is poisoned.

God Given Immunity is ALL we need.

We cannot Bow down to the Tyrants.

Eliminate the GMO's and eat healthy and the body can heal.

Buy tickets to see Mikovits at the crimes against humanity conference: https://pathtotruth.ticketleap.com/t/Stewpeters/

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