This is where we're at in 2021...

Seattle PD officers handed out stickers to Antifa to help them with their anger and sadness.

Poor little Snowflakes.


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Stickerisms of Nastyness 1-12-2021
Halo around UR An*s
Ummm.... ok then.. tell me how you really feel... heh heh

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Mayor of Kerry brands "you'll never be the Irish" stickers in Killarney an incitement to hatred

The Mayor of Kerry, Niall Kelleher, has this morning condemned stickers were discovered stuck to electricity poles along the Muckross Road in recent days.

“Stickers placed on poles in public areas are racist and xenophobic, and in my opinion, they represent an incitement to hatred."

Gearóid Murphy told Radio Kerry that he observed 15 to 20 stickers and said he believed who ever put them up was coming from a "place of unbelievable, uneducated ignorance" and he hoped gardaí would arrest them and their picture would end up on the front page of the paper.

Gardaí told Murphy that someone would have to make an official complaint before they could investigate the stickers which he agreed to do but he found it strange that he was the only person to contact them over the stickers.

Killarney Convention Centre has been used to host citizenship ceremonies. Last April, more than 2,000 people from 90 countries were given Irish citizenship at one such ceremony. The new citizens were urged to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming EU and local elections.

Over 120,000 Irish citizenships have been handed out since 2011.

Broadcast: Kerry Today | Radio Kerry | 02 Oct 2019


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