The Globalist's (World Economic Forum) published a video on Twitter, claiming that lockdowns are quietly improving cities. They got such strong pushback on it that they announced that they were removing the video, but... not everything disappears from social media. See what they no longer want you to see.

Remember, the World Economic Forum has joined with the United Nations, and the United Nations is joined with the World Health Organization.They are all operating under the same script: same global agenda, under a different organizational name. In this video you will see how psychopaths reframe things: they ignore the human suffering that they create, and then spin the consequences of their actions as an environmental benefit.

To end this we must take action, part of which involves putting constant pressure on local government to close Agenda 21 offices, and secondly, to tell people how all of these organizations are connected: U.N., the W.H.O., the World Bank, the i.M.F., and how these tie into the heads of state and global businesses through the World Economic Forum.

You can read more examples of people's responses to the video at: https://planetfreewill.news/world-economic-forum-shouted-down-on-twitter-for-suggesting-covid-19-lockdowns-improved-cities-all-over-the-world/

6 months, 3 weeks ago