New Brunswick Real Estate IS HOT HOT HOT !! That Jamie Guy - Re/Max Realty Listing -
**TO EXPLORE THIS HOUSE IN 3D, CLICK ON MULTIMEDIA ICON.** BEACHFRONT GENERAL STORE WITH LIVING QUARTERS! This property is unique and has many possibilities. The family-owned general store was operating for 85 years in this community and is looking for a new life. Large store area including shelving, fridges, freezers, cash registers, etc. A 2-level living quarters at the back with kitchen, dining area, and second level with living room, sleeping quarters, and full bathroom. Large detached storage barn. This property has beautiful sandy beach with sandbars and a view of the Confederation Bridge. (id:2493)

Lovely corner of the world... https://www.facebook.com/Murray-Corner-1732175920404585/

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Santa Cruz, California. These people for freedom caused an epic chaos in the store. We need more of these type of events in the future and we need to BOYCOTT these businesses for treating people this way. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE YOU CAN!


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzwWUAhXqmA

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Adolf Hitler: The WILL of a NATION.

We’re calling all business owners to open their doors on March 1st. Email us at [email protected] to join our movement. And please share this to get the word out.

Well,unlike Mike Enoch from the Nationalist Justice Party(which seems not only his wife was jew but he and his family seem to be), this one i think looks more trustfull but let me know if you think i a wrong and you have evidence and also if you know about other nationalists movements, i will list some i know below, let me know and include Telegram Channels and Groups.

About the old Google CEO founders like Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, I think that also knowing that the major shareholders are not them but people from big Funds like BlackRock,Vanguard,Fidelity,BlackStone, State Street, capital Group, etc (and of course you will find firms like Rothschilds, Morgan, Rockefeller, etc in them) and of course smaller investors on Wall Street like George Soros and others, i think you would like to know that they are of certain community:

Here some nationalists and white channels i know:

The american dream.

1871 Act.-The US corporation operates under private international law with their own corporate const.

The US is corporation, explanation.

Federal Judge: Google and YouTube May Censor at Will.

Here’s What Jewish Google and Jewish Facebook Know About You.

A Hint of the Future.

A New Nation Is Needed.

Bill Gates Vaccine - DNA Changing RNA, Luciferase, Digital Tattoo.

The Corporation Nation - The U.S. is Not a Country (2020 Remastered) | Original by Clint Richardson.

America - It's Not What You Think Reloaded.

Digital Babylon - Building The Digital Beast System With Fallen Angel Technology

You can either try to organize and fight.

Or you can wait for Trump and give him 4 more years of chance.

Dr Lee Merritt: "Covid Vaccines are a Form of ‘Weaponized Medicine’".


Human 2.0 ? A Wake-Up About COVID19 Vaccine - Dr. Carrie Madej.


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Feb 13, 2020

Alfie For America

Alfie Oakes of https://www.oakesfarms.com/alfie-oakes/ is calling on business owners to take a stand against the unconstitutional covid lockdowns by opening up March 1st.

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Feb 12, 2021

War Room With Owen Shroyer

Owen and Alfie Oakes, owner of Oakes Farms Grocery store in Florida, talk about how it has been for business to rebel against the mask mandates.

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Whats in store met Moodmatchers & Quick n brite
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A bit of a contradiction is this and the whole "Plandemic" . (Haha!)

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Dumb groid gets himself locked in and arrested while trying to rob a store.

Archival purposes only, original source: https://twitter.com/heckyessica/status/1278432194722246665

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A Lady Needs an impromptu Mask to Make a Purchase in a Store
original posting here, Lizz Hernandez,

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Wearing a Brand-New "Blockbuster" T-Shirt, I wanted to talk about the memories of going to a local Video Store! Also showing both a VHS and a DVD that was originally from "Blockbuster".

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Go your own way guys...

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I started a new novelty shop at teespring.com and I sell anything from bed spreads and pillows to t shirts and hoodies to magnets and stickers. To many different things to mention here. With up to 80 or so different logos you can choose from. Here is a link to the store https://teespring.com/stores/jbsc/collection/unisex-men-s-t-shirts?page=1
Link to OLD MAN'S RAMBLINGS novelty store https://tinyurl.com/vm6bjd8
Link to Old man's ramblings channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJD6iGtjaP6JxVkWRr2Gz2w

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WhoisWhite.com Website Businesses Section Tour

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Whats in store of winkelen in stijl.
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Everyone is talk about the Drama with Epic Game store what Epic is attempting to do with the store this is not shilling I am going to show you guys what they are trying to do.

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Ode#13: Benny narrates a little 11th Hour Ode ditty about shopping at a box store. 'Tis the season, dontcha know.

Enjoy & help keep Benny's masterful content coming to you ;)
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Video production: Juande.
Music/ Lyrics Steffan Rundquist
Solo guitar: Tomas "Tirtha" Rundquist
In the video: Didi Hristova, Cris Leito, Iratxe Pardo, Luca Kimmi & Steffan
Filmed in La Matilda/ Bilbao.
For donations to my projects!

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Zolna Report November 11, 2018
Help support Mike Adams company Brighteonstore.com by purchasing products that we use each and every day. If the site does not become self sufficient it might soon go away.

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