Segment from Dutch television NOS about volunteer, Pavel Spirin, who reports pro-Kremlin misinformation to the EU task force East StratCom. The task force works to infiltrate media and shape public opinion favorable to EU and against Russia.

It is currently being sued by Dutch MSM for libel.

Pavel Spirin is one of their top informants.
The first 44 issues of Disinformation Review contain 2,051. Pavel Spirin started reporting from isssue 8 and has since made 11-12 reports each week on average.
A total of 415 reports, more than 20%, of all reports to Disinformation Review is made by Spirin. Of these 415 reports two programs are clearly his favorites:
News on First Channel: 152 reports
Evening with Vladimir Solovyov: 72 reports

Evening with Vladimir Solovyov is a debate show that also invites Polish, Ukrainian and American nationalists.The short segments from Dutch NOS are from this show.

Spirin is the 2nd most active reporter for East StratCom.


3 years, 2 months ago

Without a shred of evidence, Jeppe Kofod presents fiction as fact. Jan 17th, 2018.

Russia has been busy in US Presidential election and Brexit.
He knows for a fact that within one year Russia has conducted propaganda and misinformation campaigns in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy and so on.

Kofod is an avid supporter of East StratCom. In Denmark, the EU Commission is paying for Kofod campaign events.

3 years, 3 months ago