Hello everyone, my name is Nagibator, this is the 15th episode of ONcast, today our guest is the American streamer Imperator Trajan. We talked about his streams, activism, politics, he also advised viewers about based literature.

HomeworkHelpers88: https://t.me/homeworkhelpers88
Nagibator: https://t.me/nagibENG

00:22 — How would you describe your streams?
01:24 — How should Omegle streams evolve?
02:58 — Plans besides streams
04:01 — Views on politics, economics, life
05:25 — American politics. Biden's first steps
08:05 — Opinion about LGBT people
10:18 — Attitude towards Feminism
12:29 — Opinion about (((them)))
14:20 — Are you religious?
16:05 — BLM, why doesn't White start WLM?
18:25 — What should be the right propaganda?
21:42 — What books would you recommend to viewers?
22:48 — What do you think about Russia and Russians?
24:00 — Blitz-pool
27:20 — End of interview

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In this video, I hard carry the squad with a single magazine of the Primal Shotgun. Also include extra squad clutches to round out the video. The hard carry is what Fortnite is all about. Follower Fridays are Biweekly now, First and third Friday of the month.

No Blue Sky - Harris Heller
Gradient Eclipse - Harris Heller
The Illusive Man - Harris Heller
New Road - Harris Heller
Spring Rollin' - Harris Heller
Tokyo Rain - Harris Heller
Geisha's Lament - Harris Heller
Life Is Beautiful - Deadly Premonition OST

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Hello everyone, my name is Nagibator, this is the 13th episode, season 2 of ONcast, in which we together with the RightWing Highlights (@catboyhigh) channel called the British streamer CodComedyTJ, who is under arrest. We discussed his arrest, talked about streamers CatboyKami, Gypsy Crusader, and also about Russians and Russia.

CodComedyTJ: https://t.me/CodComedyTJ
RightWing Highlights: https://t.me/catboyhigh
Nagibator: https://t.me/nagib4tor

00:00 — Intro
00:25 — Eve of arrest, did you expect it?
01:59 — How did arrest take place?
05:49 — What's happening and will happen now?
06:25 — Arrests of CatboyKami and GypsyCrusader
08:30 — Conflict between Kami and Gypsy
09:38 — What is your ideology?
10:22 — Reaction from people around, threats from the leftists
12:35 — Will you continue streams or it will change?
13:19 — How did you decide to stream and what your goals?
15:42 — What are you doing without internet?
16:45 — About Russia and russian, slavs
17:13 — Tesak
18:21 — Shitwank story
19:43 — Blitz-pool
22:25 — End of interview

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*My stream schedule will be adjusted according to my personal schedule. Understand things change, life happens, and this is a hobby. I strive for consistency. Follow me on social media for stream updates.

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(Music/Sound by: Ohtacosforotakus)

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Some of the best moments and wins from my January 2021 Follower streams. Dubs upon dubs in this video. Join me this Friday (Feb 5) to get in on the action!

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MASTERSTROKEtv on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming.

5 months ago

The sexy Sasha Grey uses the character creation menu to create a character in her image in cyberpunk 2077 on stream.

5 months ago

Part two of my Thought on why some if not many should be a streamer. Just like not everyone a Movie star, a Singer, or a Artist. Not everyone has it what it take to be a Streamer.

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This is my new Channel on Twitch. A Podcast channel call BearThoughts that well be every week on Weds at 5 p.m Central time. I hope you come chat with use and hang out with use in chat some day. If not stay tuned here for new post.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYCls3nszzw or Twitch.tv/BearThought

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What you see when you come to my stream.. Hype fun and laughter.. If you want to be a bear had
seen a Real streamer.. Come watch me

Clip 1: Barbie Gir
Clip 3: Doja Cat, Tyga - Juicy
Clip 4: Initial D - Running in The 90s
Clip 6: Beach Boys: In the Jungle The Mighty Jungle
Clip 9: Naruto Hidden in the Leaf Hip Hop Remix
Clip 10: Zelda Water Temple
Clip 11: The Scotsman · Seamus Kennedy
Clip 12: Meghan Trainor - Dear Future Husband

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If your thinking about being a streamer and wonder if it all it stacked out to be. Well let me tell you it isn't.. Not Easy, not alway fun, Not Cheap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anGaP6at7IY

5 months, 2 weeks ago

I have been thinking of doing this for a while so i'm starting the series off with this. I will review a twitch streamer weekly and tell you if it's really worth it.
SO for a twitch thot she gets a 8 out of 10. she treats her tier 1 subs really well and the follow back almost makes it feel like your not a complete simp. she lost point for lying about donations, like she was ever really going to make her streams any better lol. She is a school teacher tho so she does help out children at school and at home.

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Mejores y peores momentos jugando Rogue Company!
Best and worst moments playing Rogue Company!
para que me veas en vivo (to watch me live)

Intro Song:
Goodbye By Caldonia

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OxMad tells his story of almost dying at a water park, as well as a bit of insight into how his father "taught him how to swim".


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What's going on Ladies & Gentlemen!? Just wanting to put up a quick video showing you all how to support the Mixer community, east, fast, and free!
I hope this video helps, if you have any questions in regards to do this, comment below and I'll do my best to help!

Please feel free to stop by my Mixer at anytime to catch me live!

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A quick promo video. Literally 30 seconds I think. If you're a gaming content creator, looking to join a community that's starting at the ground floor and looking to build, then consider joining R.R.G! Visit the website and learn how to become a sponsored content creator! Or, if you operate a small business and want help with reaching more people, becoming a sponsor, or general consultation advice contact me through the website or message me on Twitter/Facebook!

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I wish everyone a happy, and safe, New Year as well as give out some helpful advice for streamers/content creators just now taking the leap into the field.

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I collect money for dental cure, thanks for the support!
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Memorable 2018 moments, I guess.

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Thanks for watching!

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Watch out for them duplicitous quest givers.

Also, come check out my livestream to enjoy more of my content and join in on the live chat!

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