Looking and feeling younger always starts with health. Susan talks about supplementing with DHEA and how it helped reduce inflammation in her wrist sprain. It's also great for increasing testosterone and estrogen, inhibits weight gain, increases libido and sexual function. High Intensity Interval Training increases Human Growth Hormone by 771% which helps burn body fat fast. Intermittent fasting also helps burn body fast and keep insulin sensitivity in check. Parasite cleansing prevents nutrient deprivation and reduces inflammation. Finally alkaline diet or plant based diet to keep blood pH alkaline reduces inflammation and prevents cancer. To get my Secret Formula forTightening Saggy Skin Report go to http://youngerlookingskin.xyz

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Australia is gradually succumbing to the rule of self important medical experts who want Australians to be as sick as possible. The healthier you are the more that big pharma's bottom line suffers. Here are some suggested foods that will help to keep the doctor away.


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