...Iru! (・・・いる!)is an adventure game developed by Soft Machine and published by Takara. It was only released in Japan. This video shows an English fan translation of the game.

...Iru! takes place in a school on a remote Japanese island. You play one of the senior students. It's late in the evening, but you, several of your classmates and the art teacher are still at school to finish the preparation for a school festival the next day. You have been haunted by a nightmare time and time again, showing a girl being chased and killed by something, then reappearing and giving you a warning to flee the island with everyone before the moon disappears. It doesn't stop there, as more and more strange things appear. The phone line's been cut, someone lowered the fire shutters, you find out that the art teacher seems to be collecting occult books, and some of your classmates display increasingly weird behaviour.

The game is played from a 1st person perspective with the environment rendered in real-time 3D. You can run, crouch and look up and down. There seem to be object-based puzzles, but the beginning of the game consists mostly of exploring and talking to people.

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Today on Shin Jisp'd Soda, we'll take a look at a piece of Takara History that the Average Joe might dismiss as just a piece of transformers history, but a taled tine of action figures that had comics, manga, anime, and even a few US releases. They Were MICROMAN!!

Meanwhile, "Jisp'd Pokemon MSAgent Treat"; Bugsybudy goes on a camping trip with her "Girl Scout" buddies and gets into Deep Shit.

Thanks to:
Falkner by Metaseq
Bugsy by NASSHI
Anzu/Tea by MihoNosaka-MMD
Sailor Mars/Rei Hino by hutariwappp
Winry by Aqua-Kun
Asuka by AkumaNoRobin
Leomon by GuilTronPrime
Mountain Village by Julehyrule
Falkner Sprite by JammNt
Voices by me
So much Material from Takara Tomy, Sunrise, Hudson Soft, and Nintendo

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