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That’s one way to wake up a fish.

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Mark Manson ( https://markmanson.net ) recorded this spoken version of his text https://markmanson.net/11-shitty-things-we-all-do
Music: "In the Mood for Love" by Shigeru Umebayashi
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I have a secret I want to tell you. It's something I don't share very often or with many people, but today, it feels appropriate.

See, I know you think of me as just this random author guy who sometimes writes cool blog articles, but sadly, there's a little bit more going on behind the scenes than that.

What you didn't know about me is that I'm actually an omnipresent, hyper-intelligent inter-dimensional being. My knowledge and understanding is so total and complete that it's not even limited by your four-dimensional space/time. That means not only do I have complete knowledge of all existence, but I also have complete knowledge of all potential existences, the ones that didn't or even couldn't happen. So while you sit around and agonize about what life would have been like had you stayed with your ex-boyfriend instead of dumping him, I already know — you fucked up, girl; he was like, a super nice guy.

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Lucas the Chef, has apparently now been denied his act of bravery, that of taking down of a crazed Muslim Terrorist with a swordfish or some such thing, which was displayed in the Fishmongers Hall. He suffered cuts all the way down his "left" arm of which he lost the use, but of course like all good heroes he did not flinch and all that stuff.

Anyway along with the tagged murderer, out on day release and the plain clothes Transport Policeman he was one of the three brave men whom held the killer down until the police arrived to clinically kill him.

Both of these clips are from Sky News and yet they would appear to be quite unaware of the discrepancies in the tale. At the time I suggested that the guy who read out the details of Lucas the chef, and his bravery was a "Spook" and having seen this latest load of tosh we are now to believe that the guy with the knife in his hand is the plain clothed Transport Cop,,while the guy with the swordfish is another Government employee, while another one is a tagged murderer out on day release while the character of Lucas or Lukas, depending on which newspaper was writing about him, will all no doubt fail to notice that he never existed. So why does this little tale keep changing?

When I heard the initial reports of this tale, I had no idea what Lucas's weapon had been, which is why I referred to it as a swordfish, because that was the only "fishy thing" which I thought this marwhale thing might be. I still have no idea and yet all and everybody else appear to know exactly what it is and the name slips smoothly off their tongues. Both Darren and Lucas took it off the wall at first I thought that to mean the kitchen wall, while it would now appear to have been hanging in the conference hall and I still have no idea what it is.

In reality this entire tale of London Bridge is falling down

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I didn't even have enough sense to be afraid! lol

"Truth is stranger than fiction."---Grandpa Jones

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Prince Andrew dodges Epstein allegations & Eric Garner killer cop fired 5 years later
Published time: 20 Aug, 2019 06:20


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The 1-Year Celebratory Stream of Super Lucky's Tale.

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