Dr. John D. Coleman, 'The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations [audio book]'
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Tavistock Clinic: After the First World War, there was enormous interest in Britain in the treatment of such "functional nervous disorders" as the shell shock cases (today PTSD). In 1920, Hugh Crichton-Miller (1877–1959), a neurologist who even before the war had opened a private nervous clinic, took the lead in founding a clinic based on the principles of psychoanalysis to serve individuals who could not afford private psychotherapy. (The services of the consulting staff, as often was the case in British hospitals in those days, were unpaid.) The clinic was named after its original location in Tavistock Square in the Bloomsbury district of London.[2]
Executive Intelligence Review

EIR takes the stand in an 1993 article that the Tavistock Institute under Brig. Gen. Dr. John Rawling Rees from 1932 onwards focused on controlling and manipulating skilled workers. "Some of its earliest government-funded projects involved the use of group psychology to induce speed-up on the assembly line, through the creation: of 'worker autonomous groups'. These groups were in turn deployed to undermine trade union structures, often supplanting those structures."[3]
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