Martin Hurdle has a boring job as a maintenance man for pharmaceutical company CelPharm so he livens up his day impersonating celebrities. He hears that he has an eighteen year old son Steven and pausing only to impersonate Ronnie Corbett stuck in a pillar box, goes to join the boy for lunch. The meeting is a success but when Martin asks his boss for a promotion to impress Steven he is rejected so he uses his skills as a mimic to obtain revenge.

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A group of trail blazing female fighters armour up and step into the medieval ring.

1 month ago

The Purple Monster Strikes is a 15 chapter movie serial typical of the ones shown each weekend at "B" movie theaters in the 1940's.

5 months, 2 weeks ago

Detective Nick Knight is investigating a series of murders in which the bodies are found drained of blood - but the most recent one doesn't fit the pattern. Instead it involves the cure that Nick has been searching for for decades, so that he himself can face the light of day.

6 months, 2 weeks ago

Harry runs a salvage operation, in which he and his partners reclaim trash and junk and sell it as scrap (or as other things). Harry also has a home-made spaceship which he sometimes uses to reclaim junk satellites.

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Longstreet Featuring Bruce Lee 4 of 4

9 months ago

Longstreet Featuring Bruce Lee 3 of 4

9 months ago

Longstreet Featuring Bruce Lee 2 of 4

9 months ago

Longstreet Featuring Bruce Lee 1 of 4

9 months ago

Buster Keaton : Daydreams

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