Here is a little demo jam of the Wampler Velvet Fuzz pedal. I start out with the clean guitar sound then move on to five different settings on the Velvet Fuzz. Towards the Middle of the song I bring in a lead guitar to play over the rhythm that uses the Velvet Fuzz along with reverb from Bias FX 2. Drums are from Superior Drummer 2 using the Vintage Classic kit along with some dirt fx via EZ Mix. Thanks for listening to my weird stoner grunge rock jam :-)

1 month ago

Here's another #teletuesday​ improvisation on my black G&L ASAT. For this one I went with a country rock style in open tuning (dadgde). I also set the bpm a bit faster than usual at 145bpm with a 4/4 time signature. The drums are the Nashville kit by Toontrack.

The overall mood of this song kind of reminds me of the roundhouse kicks from the movie Roadhouse lol. Thanks for listening :-)

1 month, 1 week ago

Here is a #teletuesday​ improvisation on my G&L ASAT. This one is composed of two guitar tracks and a drum track via Superior Drummer's independent EZX. In this improvisation I programmed the drums first then played whatever came to mind at the time. I generally kept the tones lower for the main track then brought in a more treble track towards the middle of the song to harmonize with the main track.

Thanks for listening :-)

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Here's a quick and grungy #teletuesday on a Wednesday. I got way too busy yesterday and couldn't finish mixing the audio and editing the video. But here it is. I just played whatever came to mind to a 6/8 beat at 90 bpm. Later I added the post rock drum kit in Superior Drummer with a few basic drum measures to match the different moods of the improvisation. The tricky thing about this improvisation was that I just played the guitar acoustically into my zoom h6 without any monitoring through an amp. Fortunately I was able to sculpt the tone enough in bias fx after the fact. For the next jam I might work out a way to record an amp and a clean channel for easier monitoring of the situation.

Thanks for listening

1 month, 3 weeks ago

I had an hour to kill after work so I did a quick improvisation on my G&L ASAT for #teletuesday

For this one I just played to a metronome with the asat going direct into my zoom h6. After recording I chopped up the wav file in Cakewalk to add different guitar effects in Bias FX 2. Next I added the drums. When you play to a metronome it is easy to line up the audio segments to the measures and midi snap drum segments to the audio. The drums on this are the vintage custom kit in Superior Drummer with some compression and dirt added to them via the EZ mix plugin.

Overall this took me about an hour to throw together from first recording to mixing and video editing. Video editing is much easier now that I have my black backdrop to record on. Now I just need to pick a better camera angle lol.

Thanks for listening :-)

2 months ago

Here's a random improvisation on my G&L ASAT for #teletuesday

I played whatever came to mind then sliced the wav file to add different effects to each sliced portion in bias fx 2. Drums were added last via Superior Drummer.

Thanks for listening :-)

2 months, 1 week ago

Here's an improvisation that started out on my long neck baglama saz. Later I added four tracks of drums including darbuka, riq, frame drum and a marimba via my Roland Handsonic. Later in the song I add a couple guitar tracks on my G&L ASAT using guitar rig 6 and bias fx 2. Playing in key with the saz is tricky in standard guitar tuning but it lets you explore new scales to harmonize with the bflat, f and c notes of the saz.

The overall mood of this improvisation is mysterious and a bit creepy. It kind of reminds me of Greek mythology where a siren at sea calls ships to their demise on a rocky shoreline.

Thanks for listening :-)

3 months, 2 weeks ago

Just an improvisation on my G&L ASAT with a basic drum beat and bias fx 2.
Thanks for listening :-)

3 months, 4 weeks ago

Just some random riffing on my G&L ASAT for #teletuesday

I mainly wanted to try and craft some tones that sound good with the soap bar pickups on the ASAT in Bias FX 2. Bias FX is amazing and all the amp sims and effects sound realistic compared most other amp sims I've tried. The only thing better than Bias FX would be Axe FX but that is way more expensive as it's tied to a preamp.

The first tone is a tweed amp with some drive and plate reverb a classic sort of sound for telecasters. The second tone is another classic sort of fender reverb amp with a bit of drive on it, kind of a blues sort of sound. The third tone is a crazy split chain with two amps and two delays and reverbs after them, more of an ambient sound. The last tone combines delay drive and a split amp chain to get a more rhythm sound, I have to tweak this one a bit more to get the delay to line up with the bpm of the guitar. Who know maybe one day I'll use these setting in an improvisation song sometime. It's always good to experiment with settings every now and then.

Thanks for listening :-)

4 months, 2 weeks ago