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A compilation of videos beginning with the bombing attacks at the Afghanistan airport which the Fake Biden knew was coming and did nothing to help stranded Americans.
Australian Supermarkets Empty and Bare
Teachers and Students mandated for the Death Jab.
Fauci indicted.

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Nadhim Zahawi using terror attacks abroad to justify new UK 'terror' laws (13Nov15)

Nasty CONservative Nadhim Zahawi on the vile CONservatives not letting a story go to waste, using terrror attacks in Europe to pass more Nazi inspired "anti terrorism" laws in UK.

This is a requested re-uload.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Newsnight, 13 November 2015.

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london and brexit leave date 31st october 2019,be wary people,distraction,fooling the sheeple...be vigilante
Ole Dammegard has issued an emergency call that terrorist attacks have been committed simultaneously in several locations in Europe. These would take place on October 23-24, 2019. It is very important that we spread this message as much and often as possible.
It concerns 39 planned locations in five European cities that are targeted:





There was also a planned attack on a nuclear power plant in Sweden. All these attacks would take place within 36 hours with the aim of causing total chaos.
In his research, Ole Dammegard discovered that from 15 October they will start with an exercise that is called a "counter terrorism preparedness network". In the message he intercepted, 39 locations were designated as for exercises. But Ole knows from his research that an "exercise" is a preparation for an actual attack. He therefore concludes from the report that there are 39 locations that are targeted.
These assessments AK exercises take place on October 23 and 24. The name of the operation is: Operation Sea Eagle. Ole’s conclusion is that they are preparing a coordinated, multiple attack that must take place simultaneously at different key locations in Europe. These planned attacks would take place in the above-mentioned NATO countries.
Ole is quite convinced that this is the plan and has a stomachache. He asks everyone to spread the message as much and as much as possible, because his experience is that these operations often cannot go ahead if they are caught in advance. By bringing it into the light, we can probably prevent it. These criminals can only operate in the dark.
He calls for being super alert in the aforementioned cities and for observing, filming and photographing all suspicious activities. It is mainly about military exercises.
It is very important that we distribute this message as often as possible and as far as possible!
https://youtu.be/COaUAqv1Lt4 Jason Liosatos Outside The Box

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