This is in part of what the government of British Columbia, Canada is trying to hide from the public being just as the police were apathetic in the medical kidnapping of Mr. John Duncan AKA Uncle John/Grandpa John in Feb of 2015, nobody should be surprised as to how the elderly are being treated today with police doing nothing to protect their liberties &/or human rights. Police help to facilitate medical kidnappings so that assets can be illegally seized whether the person completely disappears into the healthcare system or whether they die questionable deaths as the end game is to get that money. Consider this to be just another form of ""laundering money"" that is being directly facilitated by healthcare staff/authorities & other public union sector workers as they use public tax dollars & public facilities to carry out their multiple crimes. In the end, the last judge (judge #3) I stood in front of on Feb 28, 2018 he sent me to the crooked cops, the cops who covered up the murder of my daughter ShaMay Chorney and the illegal harvesting of her organs and her TEETH.

This is what is considered "loosh" harvesting, something the predator class instigates with the direction of government being it's just entertainment for them.

Notice Of Civil Claim #226898

Please sign the petition:

If you help with court costs:

1 week, 6 days ago

Theft From Auto 1700 W Diamond St DC 21 22 037342


On Thursday, June 22, 2021 at approx. 7:30pm, unknown Black Female entered the victim's vehicle while parked on the 1700 block of W. Diamond Street and removed 1-Ryobi battery pack, handicap placard, loose change, and a box of 500 feet of ethernet cable (spool). The incident was captured on his vehicle's dashcam. The dashcam video also captures the same female trying a different car door prior to entering the victim's vehicle.

Suspect Description: Black female in her late 20's to early 30's, heavy build, wearing a gray sweatshirt, head scarf and black pants.

If you see this suspect do not approach, contact 911 immediately.
To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477) or text a tip to 215.686.TIPS (8477).
All tips will be confidential.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect please contact:
Central Detective Division:
Det. Williams
DC 21-22-037342


3 weeks, 3 days ago

Rumsfeld Admits Trillions Missing from Pentagon the Day Before 911..

Where are the trillions?... Computer says "I'm not telling you"

4 weeks, 1 day ago

why take money from white countries and give to africa? it expans population needlessly
if it is true women are paid to have baby then burn the people who set that up for treason of usury tax theft

1 month ago

Red cross and every other organization. This money will never ever be sent to where it suppose to be. It's just going back to the elites pockets.

1 month ago

NEW - Petty theft has been "decriminalized" in San Francisco. Anything under $950 is not going to be prosecuted. This happened in a Wallgreens yesterday. 17 stores have closed so far due to shoplifting.


1 month, 2 weeks ago

Shoplifting as an occupation.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

A company with ties to the Chinese Communist Party owns 130,000 acres of land in Texas—right next to America’s largest air force pilot training base.

The CEO of the company, Sun Guangxin, is a former officer in China’s People’s Liberation Army and one of the largest landowners in China’s Xinjiang province. And the land, purchased to build wind farms, actually sees little wind.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Id donec ultrices tincidunt arcu non sodales. Morbi tristique senectus et netus et. Nullam vehicula ipsum a arcu cursus vitae congue mauris. In est ante in nibh mauris cursus mattis molestie. At quis risus sed vulputate odio ut enim. Lacus laoreet non curabitur gravida. Congue quisque egestas diam in arcu cursus euismod. Phasellus vestibulum lorem sed risus ultricies tristique nulla aliquet enim. Lorem dolor sed viverra ipsum nunc aliquet bibendum enim. Sed sed risus pretium quam. Turpis tincidunt id aliquet risus feugiat in ante metus.

Suspendisse in est ante in nibh. Pulvinar elementum integer enim neque volutpat ac tincidunt vitae. Ut etiam sit amet nisl purus in mollis nunc. Tortor vitae purus faucibus ornare suspendisse sed nisi lacus sed. A diam sollicitudin tempor id eu nisl nunc. Metus aliquam eleifend mi in nulla posuere sollicitudin aliquam ultrices. Egestas sed sed risus pretium quam. Aliquam ut porttitor leo a. Fames ac turpis egestas maecenas pharetra convallis. Vulputate eu scelerisque felis imperdiet. Diam maecenas sed enim ut sem viverra aliquet eget sit. Nisl nunc mi ipsum faucibus vitae. Est sit amet facilisis magna etiam tempor orci. Cras adipiscing enim eu turpis egestas pretium. Adipiscing elit ut aliquam purus sit amet. Justo laoreet sit amet cursus sit amet dictum. Lectus quam id leo in vitae turpis massa sed. Mi ipsum faucibus vitae aliquet. Quam adipiscing vitae proin sagittis nisl rhoncus mattis rhoncus urna.

2 months ago

very interesting

2 months, 1 week ago

Poor Innocent Man Attacked and Mugged

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Theft 1501 Spruce St DC 21 09 009676


On April 4, 2021 at 3:30 am, four unknown black males entered the parking garage located at 1501 Spruce Street and broke into the complainant’s car by smashing the passenger side window and took two shotguns and ammunition. The suspects then fled the are in an unknown direction.

Suspect Description:
Suspect #1: Black male, 6' tall, thin build, wearing a dark hooded jacket, red sweatpants with white stripes and white sneakers.
Suspect #2: Black male, 5'9" tall wearing a dark hooded jacket, green pants and black sneakers.
Suspect #3: Black male, 5’8” tall medium build wearing a dark hooded jacket, green pants and black sneakers.
Suspect #4: Black male, 5'7" tall, thin build, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, black sweatpants and white sneakers

If you see these suspects do not approach, contact 911 immediately.
To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477) or text a tip to 215.686.TIPS (8477).
All tips will be confidential.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects please contact:
Central Detective Division:
Det. Murphy #954​
DC 21-09-009676


3 months, 2 weeks ago

This video is mirrored from the channel, Midnight Sun. To see this original video and to subscribe to see more videos like this one from Midnight Sun, click here:

01VL0G30MAR2021 *I can name at least ten organizations right now that actively employ these techniques...Can You?
This is a compilation of short videos using “legal” (but shady AF) techniques to take from you and give to themselves (like when you Christmas shop for others, but end up buying things for yourself). Terminology to understand include: “Smurfing,” Ponzi Pyramid Scheme (AKA “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul”), Placement, Layering, Integration, Laundering, Shell Companies, “Mirror-Trading” (AKA Purchase Share). A Bit-O Al Capone, Bernie Madoff, Martin Shkrelli, and Charles Ponzi...

3 months, 3 weeks ago

Man Exacts Revenge On Package Thieves With Trap That Fires Shotgun Blanks.
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This description contains affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a product through one of them, I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

4 months, 1 week ago

When governments granted themselves the moral right to steal your stuff did you ever question it?

This concept has been instilled and ingrained into our sub/conscious since our earliest moments and reinforced by a state school system that has a vested interest in turning out chattel for its own nefarious purposes.

If you would not accept an individual declaring that they have a moral right to steal your stuff, why do you accept it from unnamed individuals in perpetuity against yourself and generations to come - without end? It is theft. No matter how it's coloured

Original content from Larken Rose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngpsJKQR_ZE&list=LL&index=1&t=1sx=1&t=1s.

4 months, 2 weeks ago

March 14, 2011 - Among other things....

4 months, 2 weeks ago

More of this stuff here: https://silview.media/2021/03/03/joe-biden-2000-dislikes-deleted/

4 months, 3 weeks ago

🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Better yet you can rent it to someone L20 and that way they pay above market rent AND the upkeep and taxes are THEIR responsibility 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

5 months ago

"..ALL WRONG-DOINGS ARE A FORM OF THEFT! Mark Passio explains how every harmful action that a human being is capable of taking is a form of THEFT. DON'T STEAL, it should be that simple.

Mark Passio also asks the question WHY is this our current condition? He answers it by stating the main reason our species continues to experience a systemic and growing loss of Freedom is because we collectively do not deeply understand OWNERSHIP, and we continue to commit and condone THEFT.

OWNERSHIP: to own a thing means that, regarding that thing, an individual maintains RIGHTFUL POSSESSION, CONTROL OF USAGE and RESPONSIBILITY.

NATURAL LAW can be essentially reduced to a Single SPRIRITUAL LAW: DON'T STEAL!

ORDER FOLLOWERS: Mark Passio explains how Following Orders means doing what you are told to do, without judging for yourself whether or not the action you are being ordered to carry out is RIGHT or WRONG.

If an individual is following orders, that individual CAN NOT be exercising Conscience, since, by definition, exercising Conscience means that one is willfully choosing for themselves Right Action over Wrong Action.

'I was just following orders' is NEVER a valid excuse or JUSTIFICATION for immoral, criminal behavior, and this lame attempt to abdicate personal responsibility SHOULD NEVER BE ACCEPTED as a valid excuse for such behavior.

The term Justification comes from the Latin noun jus: "right; law" and the Latin verb facere: "to make; to create".

JUSTIFICATION = To 'Create' A Right.

'..[Mahatma Gandhi] you assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her soul.'" Strength. GODspeed.

"Natural Law - The REAL Law Of Attraction And How To Apply It In Your Life."

Mark Passio's website "What On Earth Is Happening" http://www.WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com​

Artist - XILENO
Song - xileno Vs Night Bandit_-_Fire in the rain

Azimuthal Equidistant Maps, Etc: http://www.azimuthalequidistant.org/

All Seeing Heart website: http://www.allseeingheart.org

#theft #ownership #order-followers #mark-passio #natural-law

5 months, 1 week ago

Useful information fro all those who do not understand the criminality of the banks

5 months, 1 week ago

Just as Trump wanted Illegals entering this country in the largest numbers ever. Meanwhile the Federal Government hands over the People's taxes to these illegals.
November 2020 all time high of illegal apprehensions with according to their numbers reached was 70k. which means in reality that anywhere from 150 to 250k illegal crossings.
I have back up channels for those having issues viewing my reports
please also follow me at ALTERNATE video platforms.
BitChute .. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/gIudfF6VnKd0/
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BrandNewTube .. https://brandnewtube.com/@WardoRants
Social Media Sites
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MiWe .. https://mewe.com/i/wardorants
And don't forget
Trenches .. https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/

7 months ago

American citizens desperately need help and the government is betraying them.

7 months, 1 week ago

FBI was aware of Honeypot Epstein. FBI aware of Feinstein's driver 30-year Chinese spy. FBI aware of Hunter Biden Chinese Crack cocaine molestation murder tapes. FBI aware of Joe Biden Hunter Biden pay-to-play Chinese bribe.How much of what we are seeing is a part of a covert sting operation?

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Houston: Released from jail earlier this year, this man used dozens of identities in his latest scam

7 months, 4 weeks ago

Nov 30, 2020

The Alex Jones Show

General Flynn opens up on the elction theft in his first interview since the court case finally ended with his pardon by President Trump.

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8 months ago


This is not a normal Paypal "bitch", it is a full on forensically conducted BUST of them stealing from patriots.



Test condition: Brand new e-mail account that was set up on a very new private server and accessed on a guaranteed not bugged computer running a live operating system (so they can't use a virus as an excuse) accessing the very first e-mail ever sent to that account (to prove no virus took it), with a brand new modem and ISP. with a straight click into Paypal from that e-mail to claim it, ON VIDEO: Paypal required a double log in and tons of captchas to stall us while they figured out what to do to steal it and once in, VOILA!! Nothing was there. BUSTED.


Here you go! Watch Paypal steal a $200 donation.

The only thing wrong with THIS video is I did not clean my desk off. It has also been compressed enough to hide people's identity. And the beginning has the screen shifted upwards to hide the name of the donor who's donation got stolen right on camera (this is why it suddenly blinks down). The video can prove it was a live OS (no virus possible) and a totally clean e-mail account. WE BUSTED THEM COLD.

I intentionally set out to bust them. For this bust we used:

1. A brand new ISP.

2. A brand new modem.

3. A brand new e-mail account set up on a brand new server that I OWN.

4. A de-commissioned laptop (because we lost the power supply) that was resurrected for this explicit purpose, with a BRAND NEW LIVE OPERATING SYSTEM that could not even get a virus. The server, EVERYTHING was secured with this system, the accounts were set up with this system, we are guaranteed everything was clean without hacks or viruses. This was to prove Paypal, and ONLY PAYPAL, is responsible for the theft.

5. Good communication with the sender.

These steps ensured:

1. no virus could cause false results

2. No e-mail password theft was possible to enable someone to steal this.

3. No connection theft was possible, or modem hack was possible, to enable anyone but Paypal to steal this.

4. We got FULL CONFIRMATION Paypal stole this, because the sender received a message it was pending while after five hours NO NOTICE of "pending" showed up in our Paypal account.

5. We captured all of this in progress ON VIDEO. This was a PERFECT bust. I knew they were going to do it because I had too much statisical math proving it would happen to ignore, and sure enough when we set up the sting, they fell right into it.


This was FUN. We did this on time for it to not be a problem, and everything went absolutely perfect, exactly as I expected. They really do play dirty games against patriots. I should point out something again: In the U.S. and European countries, they just kill Paypal accounts that belong to patriots. But in Mexico it is illegal for them to do that, so they have to resort to other methods of screwing with people. That is what we documented.

8 months, 1 week ago

YouTube in their big brained attempt at a cash grab of fractions of cents per view has decided to monetize the content of creators who are not allowed to monetize it themselves. Those who do not qualify for their partner program due to channel size or removal from it will have to just sit there and watch while YouTube profits off of their intellectual property and hard work. In doing this, they actually think these are the days of when they were the only game in town for uploading your video content. Too bad for them its not. Right now there is a mass exodus happening from Silicon Valley’s supposed platforms because of the censorship. Adding on top of that stealing from creators and you are only asking for them to leave.

In this video we take a look at this new change to YouTube’s terms of service.

Where you can find me:

BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/constitutionalist-libertarian/

LBRY: https://lbry.tv/@ConstitutionalistLibertarian

D.Tube: https://d.tube/c-libertarian

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm_LWSIC6aGyIqe4KXq4vNg

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Gab.ai: https://gab.ai/ConstitutionalLibertarian

Minds: https://www.minds.com/ConstitutionalistLibertarian

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/constitutionalist.libertarian.18

Twitter: Banned (Formerly @ConsLibertarian)

8 months, 1 week ago

Nov 7, 2020

The Alex Jones Show

Owen Shroyer guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down a satire compilation of jumbo jets delivering millions of ballots for Joe Biden just in time to steal the presidential election of 2020.

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8 months, 3 weeks ago

Don’t forget to comment below with your Common Sense and subscribe to my podcast at www.RudyGiulianiCS.com

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► Connect Rudy Giuliani on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realrudygiuliani

8 months, 3 weeks ago

Nov 6, 2020

The Alex Jones Show

Ali Alexander of https://stopthesteal.us/ joins Alex Jones and Amanda Milius to expose the leftist theft of the 2020 presidential election.

Our 2020 Election Super Sale is now live! Get free shipping and up to 60% off our hottest products today!

8 months, 3 weeks ago

Taxation is theft!

11 months, 1 week ago

Video by Larken Rose explaining taxation as theft

11 months, 1 week ago

My comments for each video are below this long blurb. I also give credit if the video is from another channel and I have the link.

For both Truthers and Normies... the ONLY way we are going to fight this thing is IF you finally recognize that you have power within.

Please PLEASE start working on your issues. This is why it's so easy for the evils to control us, because they have harmed us psychologically for hundreds of years through all sorts of trauma - war, poverty, death, sickness through their poisons, physical and sexual abuse, all sorts of EMFs, RFs, MFs, etc., AND brainwashing and mind control.

Please start releasing your trauma and raise your vibration. They can NOT harm us if our vibration is high and we use our power within. I'll upload more tools as I find them.

Here are 2 very good meditations, and remember to always read my comments in the show notes/description.


Sub to my backup channel plus the ones below...


Please like, share, and subscribe if you so choose, and you can also join my list at https://ourfreesociety.com and also follow me on Twitter - @freesociety2017

I'd also like to hear your thoughts on the video with a comment.

If you are serious about helping save humanity, join our Think Tank by contacting me on my site. We need to work together to not only save us from this war, but also change our world for the best. We can't do it without you.

Never give up HOPE because we can resolve this problem if we just stick together, strategize, and follow certain practices.

And if you can help support my work to keep you up-to-date with what is going on so you can learn the truth, please visit here - https://ourfreesociety.com/donate/ - Thank you

I also encourage you to subscribe to either LBRY or BitChute, because as I'm sure you already know, YT censors a lot of videos that speak the truth, and I've already had at least 7 videos taken down even from outside the US. LBRY is better because BitChute has way too many site issues.



More examples of how we would handle something like theft without needing the criminal government who doesn't give a shit about you anyway.

Please PLEASE understand that you can NEVER be free if you continue to support government!

Thanks again to Man Against the State - https://youtu.be/8kPyrq6SEL0

11 months, 1 week ago

⁣⁣Join me on MGTOW.TV : https://www.mgtow.tv/@Doggk

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Go your own way guys...

11 months, 2 weeks ago

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEy-8s58f9E

A standard statist video where they claim the government has a right to your money while completely ignoring the legitimacy and proven success of the free market.

Like what I make? Free free to pledge!

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Referral Code: an_ancap_cat

1 year ago

My German Shepherd Dog stole the car during the BLM / ANTIFA riots, has anyone seen him? He likes fast cars, fast women, and WATERMELON!

1 year ago

Takes a closer look at what brought about the 2008 financial meltdown GFC.

1 year, 1 month ago

This video is about an individual in Davis, California that decided to go into a hospital and steal a vial with a CCP virus test in it. The individual was found by police the next day, the sample was recovered just a few hours after it was taken. The sample was said to be in tact, it was not tampered with.

The 'suspected' thief is known to local police and they are looking into the possibility that the individual may have mental health issues. That would be my guess, I also assume that he didn't even know what he took and likely, after he figured out that it wasn't drugs or something else he could use, that he discarded it and went on about his day.

Archived source: archive.ph/LYuJl

Twitter: @DoseofSarcasm1

Youtube: youtu.be/2muJZ_oTDbI
Bitchute: bitchute.com/video/E4rgKG5zj2aA/
Daily Motion: https://dai.ly/x7ta9n6

1 year, 3 months ago

Democrats in San Francisco have made theft under $950 a misdemeanor and cops won't even arrest you for the crime.

1 year, 4 months ago

Bearish on Banksters - Episode 014: Negative Interest Rates - Gerald Celente - "Trends Journal"

Mr. Snuggles presents humorous and educational news reports on the monetary system and the corrupt political and corporate systems that benefit from its existence. Sometimes he loses his temper and swears a bit.

Find Gerald Celente
Website: https://trendsresearch.com/
Themtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/trendsjournal
Themtube 2: https://www.youtube.com/user/gcelente
Twatter: https://twitter.com/GeraldCelente
Fakebook: https://www.facebook.com/gcelente

In each episode, Mr. Snuggles guides his viewers to a greater understanding of banksterism. Bearish on Banksters is a lighthearted way to wake up your friends and family to how the monetary system really works.


You can also find Mr. Snuggles at:
GAB: https://www.gab.com/TheMrSnugglesShow
Brighteon: https://www.brighteon.com/channel/mrsnuggles
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1 year, 5 months ago

What will it take for Americans to get up and put this Tyranny to Rest?
Will they have to be so broken living in the streets homeless begging for
scraps from the Jew?
By this time .. sad to say .. it will be to late .. Rise up my brothers and sisters.
Take back what is yours. Liberty, freedom and the prosperity that was guaranteed to you through
the Blood shed by those who took this country from the British.

1 year, 7 months ago

Clean Cut: Episode Directory

Clean Cut; Episode 121
What is wastefulness? Is wastefulness a sin in the same way as theft? Is wastefulness a grave sin at all?
All well-reasoned comments welcome.

If you're new to the series, I hope you'll check out the previous episodes, as they contain a lot of deductions, which I'll be building on.

Originally posted Feb 14, 2014.

1 year, 7 months ago

Clean Cut: Episode Directory

Clean Cut; Episode 116
Is it theft to borrow something, and later be unable to return it? Is it theft to receive something for free, and be unable to pay it back? Is it theft to borrow something, without intending to pay it back?
All well-reasoned comments welcome.

If you're new to the series, I hope you'll check out the previous episodes, as they contain a lot of deductions, which I'll be building on.

Originally posted Jan 10, 2014.

1 year, 7 months ago

Clean Cut: Episode Directory

Clean Cut; Episode 115
Is it theft to take something that someone wants you to have? Is it theft to steal, in order to survive? Are these things still immoral?
All well-reasoned comments welcome.

If you're new to the series, I hope you'll check out the previous episodes, as they contain a lot of deductions, which I'll be building on.

Originally posted Jan 3, 2014.

1 year, 7 months ago

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artkoval0
Patronite: https://patronite.pl/artkoval

Patroni: MrDerpedes, Seker, Przemysław Zajączkowski, Anarkiez

1 year, 8 months ago

Taxation is Theft, Don't Tread on Me

1 year, 12 months ago

Ever wonder why batteries have security tags on them and razors are kept behind the counter?

DEMOCRATS, that’s why.


2 years ago

“They were gone from the store within 30 seconds.”

A 10-person flash mob made off with up to $30,000 worth of merchandise from a North Face store in Wisconsin this week. https://abcn.ws/2NxvDTF


2 years ago

Natalie McGarry, Glasgow East MP between 2015 and 2017, stole over £25,000 - some of this money was intended for charity and campaigning purposes.

SNP - Stealing Nasty Party?

2 years, 1 month ago

Atlanticist Integrationist - Privatizing Russia
From the Archives: Published March 28 2016.
Privatization Is the Atlanticist Strategy to Attack Russia
I became particularly interested in this due to the fact I fought for the entire year prior, fighting the Privatization of Public lands and resources here in the state of Oregon.

The description general as Atlanticist Integrationists and neoliberal economists. The Saker provides some specific names. Among the Fifth Columnists are the Russian Prime Minister, head of the Central Bank, and the two top economics ministers. They are springing a privatization trap on Putin that could undo all of his accomplishments and deliver Russia to Western control.

Two years ago, Russian officials discussed plans to privatize a group of national enterprises headed by the oil producer Rosneft, the VTB Bank, Aeroflot, and Russian Railways.

The stated objective was to streamline management of these companies, and also to induce oligarchs to begin bringing their two decades of capital flight back to invest in the Russia economy.

Foreign participation was sought in cases where Western technology transfer and management techniques would be likely to help the economy.

However, the Russian economic outlook deteriorated as the United States pushed Western governments to impose economic sanctions against Russia and oil prices declined. This has made the Russian economy less attractive to foreign investors. So sale of these companies will bring much lower prices today than would have been likely in 2014


Meanwhile, the combination of a rising domestic budget deficit and balance-of-payments deficit has given Russian advocates of privatization an argument to press ahead with the sell-offs.

In the previous Video I show just who these Oligarchs are.

2 years, 5 months ago

The idea that I have to work 14 hour days and be punished for it by my own government, who takes my money and gives it to this disgusting person, so she can keep sitting on her ever-spreading ass while raking in free money is appalling.

See article here: https://defiantamerica.com/watch-welfare-leech-brags-about-stealing-from-taxpayers/

2 years, 6 months ago

The REAL history of our world is quite different than you might think...
It's time to wake up!

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As Ryan Zinke was made the head of the Department of Interior, he along with Rothschild Inc. Wilber Ross and Donald Trump made quick work of removing the protections placed by the vote of the people from the state of Utah. The Largest protection removal in US history. Immediately set out to privatize the lands and lease them out to corporations for the theft of crude oil and natural gas that is set to prop up the very manufacturing factories that were pushed out of America. Not only robbing the American worker of jobs but the American people of their resources.
Faced with opposition: The Usual suspects now are turning to the military to help in assisting to get the Resources out of the country.

2 years, 9 months ago

I like this program for multiple reasons, 1, henry talks about many of the topics as I do.
2, The educational value of learning of your Rights or the lack there of and how the law plays into just about every aspect of an American's life!!!

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Food 4 Thought - Clever Bank Accounting

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With the Aid of Trump, Wilber Ross Rothschild Inc. and Ryan Zinke, Trump has paved the way for American resources to be looted and sold at rock bottom prices to prop up the manufacturing that was forced out of the country and sent to Communist China. I warned the American people that when Trump met with Henry Kissinger, who was instrumental in American Jobs being OUTSOURCED to China. That Trump would continue with this agenda .. People think that Hillary was bad .. Absolutely she was .. but Trump has proven himself much more efficient at destroying the U.S. Like I have said all along .. Trump would be a continuation of Obama as Obama was a continuation of BOY George Bush.

2 years, 10 months ago

Presented by Streetfilms on May 4, 2014.

It's hard to believe, but it's been nearly five years since we last went traipsing around SoHo grading people's bike locking with Hal Ruzal from Bicycle Habitat. So it was time for the next chapter with the mechanic who wears pink-purple socks, admonishing you about how to lock your wheels, frame, and seat correctly.

The process is simple: Hal and I spend about an hour walking around, and whatever happens, I try to capture it on the fly. (Which is harder than it sounds.) This time it led to quite a few surprises and -- as usual -- many hilarious moments. Among other things, we learned that Hal has become an international celebrity. And wait until you see the scenes at a Citi Bike station. Let's just say Hal was impressed.

The previous three Streetfilms in the "Hal Grades Your Bike Locking" series have received at least 300,000 plays. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

2 years, 11 months ago

Presented by Streetfilms on May 12, 2009.

We need a sage in these times to remind us how easy it is to roll your bike. Once again enter the immortal, Bicycle Habitat mechanic Hal Ruzal to give us the straight dope in what he's calling "your final warning" in this last chapter of our exclusive trilogy. Let's hope the third time is a charm!

This time around Hal's not only grading bike locking ability of anonymous locker-uppers, but he also shows you how he secures his bike so you too can score an "A" (or at least have a decent shot at an A- or B+.) And if you love the humorous anecdotes and musings here, don't miss our first two chapters: "Hal Grades Your Bike Locking" and "Hal (and Kerri) Grade Your Bike Locking".

2 years, 11 months ago

Presented by Streetfilms on April 27, 2008.

Nearly five years ago, legendary bike mechanic Hal Ruzal and I walked the streets surrounding Bicycle Habitat and graded the bike locking ability of New Yorkers - producing many humorous and enlightening anecdotes. The resulting video aired frequently on bikeTV and at many festivals, and because of it - Hal is still frequently asked by complete strangers to judge their bike locking.

I always endeavored doing another, but as with most sequels you need a new wrinkle. This time we thought we'd give Hal some company and invited former Recycle a Bicycle mechanic Kerri Martin (and founder of The Bike Church in Asbury Park, NJ) to weigh in with her expertise.

Again, bikes on the streets of SoHo provide lots of fodder for laughs and lessons to learn.We didn't plan to but we walked the same loop and even used the same one-hour time frame. The results? The grades were a little better than five years ago. Sure, still some bad locking out there, but many more people are now sporting multiple locks and better strategies! Good news, maybe we made a difference after all...

2 years, 11 months ago

Originally Aired on bikeTV in 2003.

We hit the streets of Soho with the help of Bicycle Habitat's most famous mechanic Hal Ruzal - who humorously grades the bike locking ability of New Yorkers. Sure he's harsh, but also damn funny while dispensing useful anecdotes from his many decades in the biz. Hopefully you'll learn how to keep your bike safe and avoid a failing grade.

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Muslim savage lowlife quickly steals from store when kuffar cashier turns away.

The enemies from within, both the savages and the traitors, need to be removed BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY for the young Republic to survive. American Founding Fathers didn't build this great nation for it to be taken over by traitors and savages from 7th century.

Animal cruelty by Muslim savages http://freedompost.org/islam/muslim-animal-abuse-cruelty.html

Muslim atrocities worldwide (graphic!) http://freedompost.org/islam/muslim-atrocities-worldwide.html

The truth about the so-call "Syrian refugees"

Muslim terrorism worldwide http://freedompost.org/terrorism/muslim-terrorism-worldwide-2015.html

Muslim terrorism in U.S. http://freedompost.org/terrorism/terrorism-in-us-since-9-11.html

Islamophobia is an oxymoron: http://freedompost.org/islam/deception/islamophobia-is-an-oxymoron.html

The Muslim race card: http://freedompost.org/islam/deception/muslim-race-card.html

Civilization Jihad aka Stealth Jihad in action: http://freedompost.org/islam/deception/civilization-jihad-aka-stealth-jihad.html

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