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THE FUTURE OF YOUR "NEW NORMAL" - (Courtesy of the Satanic - NWO 2021)
Intro/End Credits Audio: "Pure Imagination" is a song from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. It was sung by Gene Wilder who played the character of Willy Wonka.

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Listen up, my last advice on the choice you must take.

Stay and Obey..
Leave and be......never attempt it without knowledge and practice.

For fun..

Eyes in the skies..?


Just see and adapt.


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I make this in a hope people will find my pleas in claims and begin to see the true scale of our dire situation.
No not THE Hunger games but the propaganda that will leave most unprepared and in fear.
Easy prey for criminals and the desperate.
This is not a fear message, it's a message of hope and reachable goals.
Time is against us but time is also an illusion.



No Jag, no problem nor excuse.


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The FTC has spoken and they are taking the gloves off. Thanks to Letitia James, the Attorney General for the State of New York, and the FTC joining forces in suing Google and YouTube, life on the platform just became harder. While it may well be that the Government has outstepped its bounds in regard to COPPA, they have the deeper pockets and will sue whomever they like. Channels now have to declare they are not for kids. So, the Fan Caste makes that well known. We are not for kids. So, if you are under 13, you aren't supposed to be on YouTube anyway. They have a whole platform just for you.

Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian are having great adventures together. Will they stay together throughout the whole season or will Baby Yoda meet an untimely end? Who wants such a creature anyway and why? The Mandalorian will protect Baby Yoda all he can. Gina Carano finally showed up and had sex on screen. No wait, she fought a man and won, well sorta. Will she fall in love with the Mandalorian or kill him for the bounty? She is lovely anyway.

Speaking of lovely, Karen Fukuhara enters the Hall of Fame. Known for playing Katana in the Suicide Squad movie, Karen is quite athletic and feminine. Her joyous curves are well appreciated on the Fan Caste and she will make an incredible addition to the Hall of Fame. Congratulations Karen. We honor you.

People keep asking when Cecil Says is going to be on the show. The Fan Caste has tried Twitter, but Cecil is too busy with Anna That Star Wars Girl on the Jack Show. If you want Cecil to be here, you need to tell him. We would be more than honored to have Cecil visit.

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Today's content is going over the decline of woke entertainment and it's replacement, copy/paste entertainment. Copy/paste entertainment is my term for the culture of building up franchises through soft reboots that take no risk to have maximum audience reach. Through these soft reboots, studios believe that the fans will sign up for the "reinvigoration" of their franchise because they think that it's a successful idea due to the $2 billion+ total gross of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", but at EVERY turn, the soft reboot has been rejected the smaller the franchise is to the former Cadillac of brands.


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Brainmuffin used to make Star Wars videos, mostly about how bad the new movies are, but why not anymore? What about the silly content he promised?? What gives?

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