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#RipMrHarveyGreen! #RipKeithGreen!

Harvey Green, father of Keith Green, was my math teacher. Talk about a story like the movie #iCanOnlyImagine, it was 1985, 9th grade Algebra, #ElCaminoRealHighSchool! MrGreen & I were talking about God. We started meeting everyday after class, before my soccer practice, & Harvey would talk about his son Keith. (About whom I'd yet not heard of much in the San Fernando Valley, Ca) He would go on and on about how Keith use to play piano in a rock band, singing himself to a 4yr contract at the age of 10. He never mentioned in any of our God debates (85-89) aka #PatioTalks, that Keith had been killed just 3yrs prior in a terrible plane 'accident' in 1982, Waco, Texas, USA! Keith was born 'Jewish' raised #ChristianScience! In Keith's music, he writes about the pain of feeling he was losing his religiously deceived parents in his diary turned book #NoCompromise.

Did you catch the most amazingly God-synched video where I basically overlapped the two videos of JesusChrist going off on the false religionists of His day & Keith playing #AsleepInTheLight!

Watch the KeithGreen movie #YourLoveBrokeThrough!

3 weeks ago