The Nasal Swab is shoved to the back of your nasal cavity where the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER is .. this is a thin membrane that protects the brain. We have found that on the swabs themselves there are nano particulates known as smart dust and Thera-grippers. These Thera-grippers attach themselves to the nasal tissue and can release drugs or pathogens. Developed by Michael Bloomberg's John Hopkins University.

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We intrinsically know that the swab test is invasive and disturbing. The test doesn't just produce false positives. Nano devices have been affixed to the swab and are deposited in the porous bone-brain barrier(cribriform plate).
The demons have quickened.
This is a medical journal regarding the theragripper.

This can all be avoided if the whole Catholic church (Bishops and Pope) consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the west returns to the traditional Catholic faith, as it was for 1500 years in it's entirety. With varying levels of discord and suffering, her Heart will be "triumphant in the end" and her son will be re-established in his rightful place.

BTW why is Dr. Day smiling so much?

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Dec 4, 2020

The David Knight Show

Theragripper: a nanotech drug delivery device by John Hopkins. Will the dust-sized device be used to deliver drugs & vaccines by stealth?

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