A1 Heart
A2 Lonely Week-End
A3 Don't Look Back
A4 Why Do I Cry
A5 Diddy Wah Diddy
B1 You Got A Hard Time Coming ------13:50-
B2 Once Before
B3 Thank You
B4 Time Of Day
B5 Say You're Sorry
C1 Mercy, Mercy ------------------------------26:03-
C2 I Can't Get Away From You
C3 But I Ain't Got You
C4 Me Right Now
C5 My Babe
C6 I'm Talking About You
D1 Ain't That Her --------------------------40:19-
D2 Baby, I Believe In You
D3 When I Want To Know
D4 All Good Things
D5 Say You're Sorry (Early Version)
D6 Morning

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