better soon than later. People take your Elders out of the Hospitals and Elderly Care Houses and do not bring them in: no matter what. You know what sick persons need. Vit C and some water and what comes intuitively by the inner voice. If it is their time by God they will die in peace at home but not by these Monsters. Please form units and free the Elderlies and Children by all means.


Listen carefully how this young guy literally commands the man: You die .....I was only missing: basta.
It is incredible what it is going on and how many of such creators are even running around.

3 months, 3 weeks ago

Do they really think they can take a fight with all mankind except the traitors? Billions of people who have got enough and even enough of creativity to round these Paranoids up and bring them on an Island where they can practice their religion freely on them own? Do they really think they can finish us off with their A-Tom-Bombs and Bloody Chickens on their heads and Newspapers? We have got cars, trucks and all kind of tools including soap to stop City Tanks and more and more and more. Goys are creative. From Sabotage to all kind of creative defense methods: no chance for them. Here we hear now that the Black people are coming clever that we are Whites. Guess what will happen ....White, Black and Yellow ... the biggest Circus mankind ever got to see. The biggest Team ever ....

1 year, 4 months ago

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Starring Frankie Vaughan, George Baker, Kenneth Cope, John Le Mesurier and Thora Hird. Dave Wyman (Vaughan), a rebellious young Liverpudlian who fancies himself as a rock and roll frontman, has his dreams checked by a stern dose of reality when he is conscripted into the army. Surprisingly, though, he settles into the life of a soldier well. That is, until a vicious trick by the bully of the barracks result in the death of his friend. Dave duly comes off the rails and seeks revenge. How will events pan out?

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