Thomas Lewis, author of “The End of Alzheimer’s: A Differential Diagnosis Toward a Cure,” is a microbiologist with a Ph.D. from MIT. He’s done a lot of work on diagnostic testing, and in this interview, we explore how retinal assessment and other laboratory tests can be used to stratify your risk factors for chronic disease and COVID-19. Lewis recently published an excellent paper on this.

• Glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease frequently follow each other. Glaucoma can be viewed as “Alzheimer's disease of the eye,” and Alzheimer's as “glaucoma of the brain”
• Cataracts are a manifestation of your innate immune response against acute infection. The infection is what’s causing this unfolded protein response to matriculate
• Early cataracts are a bad sign for longevity. Most people with cataracts die of some vascular event fairly young
• Many common lab tests can also tell you a lot about your health and the state of your immune system; the usefulness of 11 lab tests is reviewed
• Retinal assessment and various lab assays can identify a brewing problem, which can then be addressed using strategies such as nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes

Dr. Thomas J. Lewis
Chronic Disease Solutions

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