Matt Hancock on Tories latest last second introduced coronavirus lockdowns (31July20)

Communist CONservative health secretary Matt Hancock tries to defend Tories imposing a lockdown on parts of the UK last second, all part of their plan to make sure the UK eocnomy is completely smashed, foe the New World Order plan of "Great reset", where the rich like MPs will vastly benefit.

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC Breakfast, 31 July 2020.


1 week, 3 days ago

Tobias Ellwood outraged people ignoring Tories on coronavirus and going to the beach (26June20)

Communist Tobias Ellwood is very angry people went to beaches like Bournemouth after months of CONservatives house arrest (as they dismantled the UK in secret), and didn't stay at home instead with Tories fake coronavirus outrage (four days time you can go anywhere anyway - as if four days made a difference).

Tories so mentally challenged they are pushing the agenda that you ill need a "vaccine" to go anywhere, as Ellwood suggests in this clip. All part of the New World Order agenda.

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC Breakfast, 26 June 2020.


1 month, 2 weeks ago

Effect of Tories disaster 'social distancing' on small businesses like pubs (23June20)

To live outside broadcasts from a pub on the effect of Communist PM Boris Johnson and his "social distancing" bullshit over coronavirus. Bye buy decent businesses, to the hands of Communism.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 23 June 2020.


1 month, 2 weeks ago

Tories borrowing £55bn in May2020, gov debt record 100.9% of GDP (19June20)

Conservatives set new records with amount of debt they are racking up ujnder pretext of tackling coronavirus. £55bn in one month for May 2020, and now over 100.9% of UK GDP. And to top it off, this BBC economics "reporter" tries to make light of it all, by coming up with crap like the post World War 2 Atlee government went on a spending spree to set up the NHS / welfare state... but he didn't say he begged the Americans for money at ridiculous interest rate because the UK was flat broke.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 19 June 2020.


1 month, 2 weeks ago

Michael O'Leary destroys Tories deranged 'coronavirus quarantine' plan for travellers (04June20)

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary completely destroys the CONservatives idiotic plan for 14 day quarantine to vitotors to the UK under pretext of tackling coronavirus..... while for the past FIVE MONTHS, 10miillion+ travellers came in to UK, NONE of them tested for coronavirus, and free to infect the rest of UK - and they did.

This plan is DELIBERATE destruction of the UK to make sure the New World Order have an easier time of taking over. The UK is already officially a Communist Police State thanks to the "Coronavirus Act", the worst law ever passed in the UK's entire history of existence.

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC Breakfast, 04 June 2020.


2 months ago

Therese Coffey tries to blame scientists for Tories Coronavirus f-ups (19May20)

CONservative MP Therese Coffey tries to blame science and scientists for the POLITICAL decisions the Communist Conservatives made in their killing fields of coronavirus, and installing the UK as a Communist police state. All part of the New World Order agenda.

Now the CONservatives have imported thousands of terrorists and illegal immigrants to the UK, as replacements to the old people they;'ve killed with coronavirus.

Recorded from Sky News, Kay Burley at Breakfast, 19 'May 2020.


2 months, 3 weeks ago

86 terrorists and illegal immigrants taken into UK by Tories over Easter (13Apr20)

86 terrorists and illegal immigrants were picked up and taken to the UK under Tories tough on no crime "Open Borders" coronavirus express service running by the Royal navy and Coastguard, taking illegals from France to UK, under cover of coronavirus lock down so there are no whitnesses to what the CONservatives are deliberately doing to the UK.

Reocrded from BBC 1, London And South East News, 136 April 2020.


3 months, 3 weeks ago

Coronavirus: IFS on Tories propping up those in work but F.U. to self employed (21Mar20)

Paul Johnson from the Institute For Fiscal Studies on the CONservatives dismantling the UK economy, propping up those that were employed by businesses, and a big fuck you to the self employed. the Tories always did HATE the self employed since they stabbed Margaret Thatcher in the back in 1990..... self employed can't give backhanders the same as corporations do to MPs.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 21 March 2020.


4 months, 2 weeks ago

The Tories annouce a £350 billion 'People's Bailout' package.

#Tories #Bailout #Recession

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Budget2020: Full speech, Tories go on massive tax, borrowing, spending bender (11Mar20)

Goldman Sachs' chancellor Rishi Sunak delivers a devastating budget, going on a spending and debt binge, just as the last 10 years meant the deficit was nearly gone - now £100bn+ has been added in an instant for the next five years - to buy votes.

Communist PM Boris does not care about the prudent who have paid heavily in the government THEFT over the past 12 years, he only cares about people on credit and doing a debt bender.

This is a crime against humanity Boris and the chancellor and Bank Of England governor Mark Carney should collectively be in prison for.

Recorded from BBC2 HD, Politics Live, Budget Special, 11 March 2020.


4 months, 4 weeks ago

Tories launch sexism survey as part of their pc agenda (17Jan20)

The Communist Conservatives are launching a survey about sexism in the workl place..... got to pretend you're doing something for the offended by everything snowflake generation. Tory MP Victoria Atkins discusses.

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC Breakfast, 17 January 2020.


6 months, 3 weeks ago

Hey guys check out who's revealed her face! Sadly this video didn't upload properly on Bitchute so I've had to upload it again! So this is why it's a bit late! So we all know the Conservatives won! But as usual the left just can't understand how their name calling and the angry temper tantrums might be a slight turnoff so they take to the streets (again!) to "protest" against this "great injustice." Oh boy... oh boy... I wonder if those people are STILL protesting as I upload this!
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7 months, 3 weeks ago

The Tories are more of a Royalist party than a true Conservative party:Where the Royals align politically, they align to them as well.
Correction: Jeremy Corbyn is apparently NOT stepping down (Shocker, I know)!

Game Shown is Mafia II.

7 months, 4 weeks ago

So just as the British people are losing their country, the message is you have the right to have mulatto children?

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#VoteConservativeActually #Tories #Brexit #BorisJohnson #Mulatto

7 months, 4 weeks ago

GE2019: Rachel Shabi says Tories are 'far right' party - threat to Jewish community (28Nov19)

Nutty Labour Party supporter Rachel Shabi accuses the Conservative Party of being "far right", and pandering to far right parties. It must seem to far left / Marxist Labour that everyone else compared to them is "far right".

Recorded from Sky News, All Out Politics, 28 November 2019.


8 months, 2 weeks ago

Sam Gyimah MP on Brexit and why he defected to the Lib Dems from the Tories

"I resigned from a ministerial job because of Brexit... I've been consistent in voting against no-deal even though I was threatened with having the whip removed..."


10 months, 4 weeks ago

Ed Balls on pre-George Osborne budget, listen to [wrong] IMF (20Mar11)

Labour's then shadow chancellor Ed Balls talks about the looming CONservative budget, and that the Tories should listen to economists and the IMF on the UK economy - all proved to be wrong in later years.

This is a requested re-upload (and re-encoded to modern video format).

Recorded from BBC1, Andrew Marr Show, 20 March 2011.


11 months ago

its certainly enjoyable but why is this something that family values Theresa May needs to support?

1 year, 1 month ago

My thoughts on why 'Bonkers' Boris has to be the next leader of Clown World...errr the UK (same difference really).

1 year, 1 month ago

2019 EUParl election results: Daniel Hannan for Tories on worst result ever (27May19)

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan gets re-elected, but says the EU elections are the worst vote the Conservatives have had - EVER!

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 2019 European Parliament Election Results, 27 May 2019.


1 year, 2 months ago

Tories invent new 'social care' tax, esp for homeowners (29Apr19)

Conservativss invent a new tax "to fund social care", targeting the older person, and especially those suckers who decided to be prudent to buy their own home instead of renting... because you know... you're apparently rich if you have your own home.

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC Breakfast, 29 April 2019.


1 year, 3 months ago