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For the better part of a century, the image of a uniformed policeman stopping citizens on the street with the words "May I see your papers, please?" has been shorthand for a tyrannical police state. But here we are in COVID-1984 where this is happening on a daily basis in many places around the globe. This week on #SolutionsWatch, James talks to Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.ca about his own experience at such a travel checkpoint in Canada, and what it shows us about how non-compliance can work.

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(March 2, 2021)

Mandatory hotel quarantines and travel restrictions. The Justice Centre has filed two court actions against the government in Federal Court, in response to news that the Trudeau government will force Canadian residents into mandatory quarantine, in a hotel at their own expense, after returning from international travel.

Produced by The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

Read more: https://www.jccf.ca/mandatory-hotel-quarantines-and-travel-restrictions

5 months, 1 week ago

W.H.’s Psaki Confronted for Considering Domestic Travel Restrictions While Having Open Border

Published February 11, 2021


7 months, 2 weeks ago

New World Order Is Real, You Will Not Be Forced To Have V yet But You Will Have Restricted Access to Public Places. National saftey new laws have been put in place to allow this, this will leave millions and millions without food or shelter if they refuse to take it.
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