News broke some time ago of episodes and storylines from Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TCW) that Disney are still sitting on. They range from the return of Cad Bane to Top Gun in Star Wars to how Yoda became close with the Wookiees. Will Disney ever release these episodes in a "Lost Missions" Collection or will they let these gather dust until they piss off the fanbase again?

Game Played:
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2002)

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All credits go to Norihito Sumitomo and Toei Animation.

Remastered by: Apollo (Five Star Media)

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This time it's for real! The next deadmau5 album will be upon us soon so here are the tracks that could possibly make it on there.

I do not own any of these songs. All rights and credit go to Joel who produced them.

0:00 Mixer ID
3:38 Yay Cubase (redux)
4:39 Hit Save (Vocal Mix)
15:11 Now What
20:11 King of Saturn
28:19 Winnre
38:11 Yeah but Maybe Never
47:18 Maybe Not
54:24 TESTPILOT - Something's Missing
1:03:51 idunlikeit.png
1:06:22 ID
1:12:20 Next Tuesday
1:18:03 Jupiter
1:22:35 I Guess (TriangleReality Edit)
1:28:46 Nowhere but Here
1:39:36 Nowhere but There

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Doom, Doom 2 and The Ultimate Doom unreleased tracks, recorded on Roland SC-D70 (SC-55 Mode)

Don't expect anything stellar, these tracks are unreleased or a reason, but it's nice to have them anyway. Lots of them are just an alternative version of released tracks used in Doom.

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This video has been re-uploaded for archival purposes.

Varg's BitChute - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/LeOgEMOhozqd/
Special thanks to Himmler for providing download links to these videos

Original upload date: 05/12/2015
Original description: I found an old Burzum rehearsal on my old PC the other day, and I figured I could just as well share some of it with you. Maybe a few of you will enjoy it. The track is called 'Balders Tilbakekomst, track # 11' (yes; that was a working title...).

It's a guitars + guitars + bass rehearsal.

Enjoy or ignore. Like or dislike. Whatever.

PS. Yes, I know there is an 'a' missing in 'rehearsal' in the first text in the video.

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