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Canada's hope for a Saviour Party is Crushed - PPC Party nothing more than a Trojan Horse offering False Hope.
Maxine Bernier (PPC) is a Globalist installed to quiet the people and stop Rebellion. Maxime Bernier is nothing more than a GLOBALIST.
The vaccine is making more and more people sick and it's all being blamed on the Non Vaccinated as they are supposedly the new Variant.
The media will soon be pushing this hype as more people begin to wake up to this Covid Hoax. If you haven't figured it out by now, the Booster shot is being pushed hard as they are now telling the vaccinated that this vaccine is not working.
In the coming months, a 3rd and 4th Booster shot will be required and after that more Boosters until everyone will have had enough of the Lie.
Already, over One Million Americans are DEAD from this Covid vaccine

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- The Vaccinated are the ones being Hospitalized
- Fauci / CNN / FOX NEWS now say that it's the Vaccinated who are the Super Spreaders and that the Vaccines Don't Work
- More Leaked Video from the LAPTOP FROM HELL - Hunter Biden
- Planned Food Shortage Coming this Fall
QUEEN - Is This The World We Created?TO THE UNEDUCATED:

Fauci, CNN and FOX NEWS have just come out with what we've been saying forever .....the "Vaccinated are the Super Spreaders" and these are the ones being Hospitalized.
In other words, the Vaccines (SHOTS) are killing people.
All the hospitals have been virtually empty since Day 1 of this Plandemic but the Fake Media would have you believe just the opposite.
In Australia, for example, the Health Minister came across National television telling everyone that No One in Australia has Died of Covid.
It has all been a complete LIE in order to push the EXPERIMENTAL JAB which has never been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and which has been proven by Researchers in Spain to contain 99.99% Graphene Oxide - POISON (never before used in Humans).
The ANIMAL TRIALS ended just after 4 months with 100% of the animals being killed or mamed for life. Then they issued an "EMERGENCY AUTHORIZATION" in order to get this Covid TRIAL INJECTION inserted into the arms of those who have done NO RESEARCH, which is 80% of the population who remain uneducated.

Try looking at the CDC ALREADY ADMITTED FRAUDULENT PCR TEST to begin with.

Then look at today's video

If you are still in denial, then you have been Brainwashed.
The full effects of this Shot will come into effect 4 - 14 months after taking the 1st injection.
Then, there is the BOOSTER coming this Fall which will further add to your cell's destruction and Booster's will come every 6 months after that.
When you come down this Fall or Winter season with your 1st COLD or FLU, (Your immune system has been destroyed by what's called "SPIKED PROTEINS"),
you will not be able to fight it.
Estimates now are that 2 Billion Humans (minimum) will die within 2 years.
In other words, you will most likely not see the Spring of 2022.


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