I have an idea why.... Hopefully this helps clear up this gigantic fraud perpetrated on the WORLD since the '69 faked NASA lunar landing with astro-NOTS Armstrong & Aldrin... There are some very odd videos out there of crazy eyed Buzz Aldrin giving some very less than convincing responses to skeptics asking if he ever stepped foot on the moon! ūüĆô

Listen to this scientist tells us NO ONE WILL EVER LAND ON THE MOON because of its composition... He posits that the Lunar entity is made up of PLASMA.

I tend to agree with him... He further debunks Einstein and all Gravitational theories related to the moon! The video footage of a moon rise at the end also (IMO) supports the hypothesis that the moon is actually NOT a solid rock but PLASMA in substance! (therefore you cannot 'land on it' as it were)

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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