My PC acoustics are not too good right now, as I have developed some noises on the headphones: this should be enough to describe what you are looking at.
This is all constructed in vb.net and in this particular case I have no database usage (it's all code)
When the DGV shows, you will see a load of buttons - that all belongs in another video, but I played with filling colour to the left, to the right, up or down, depending on what you want.
The first bit is the Graphics Fill button - it shows a form of basic animation...I chop it half way through, as that is all that it does...
1) A DataGridView, which I have tailored - it has a lot of columns (200) and rows (150), and each cell is, by design, very small.
2) Using the DGV, I alter the number of columns and rows.
I have constructed the code, much like you could in an Excel sheet, to give you the USA Flag - Stars and Stripes.
3) After doing that, I used the same approach to produce the United Kingdom flag (the Union Jack).

It's not perfect - the colours are close, but are they close enough? The lengths of the lines, the positions... all are pretty good (in my very humble opinion!) but you should understand that
a) the DGV is now FAST! Before I actioned the double buffering (and got it right!) it was dreadfully slow.
b) all of this is me keeping my gray cells in full working order (most of the time) and
c) believe it or not (like I care!) I am having fun!
This is mid-May, 2020, and we have been in Global Lockdown for over two months, and I have my pensions coming in, and I now see that I have the time to catch up on so many things that I couldn't before.
I hope that you can all enjoy your lives. I intend to.

1 month, 3 weeks ago