This is my gameplay going through the Undead Crypt in order to face the notorious King Vendrick, which fuels the legends of Drangleic as you make your journey through the world of Dark Souls II. Sadly once you do meet the man, he is but a shell of his former self, fully turned hollow in his failed quest to cure the curse of the undead. Watch me make my way to his crypt in order to release him from his cursed life. Don't underestimate him because he is quite strong despite his slow movements. You will need multiple Giant Souls in order to reduce his defense enough to actually damage him, so make sure to save those if you want to beat this optional boss. As always this footage was recorded from my PS4, Hope you enjoy!

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-Samy G 333-

1 year, 2 months ago

•My fight against King Vendrick from Dark Souls 2. Happy Easter!

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