ABOUT: Tour through a 2-day event in minutes, from the wind-blown start to the riveting finish; feel the drums in your soul as you see vivid videos & images of the dances, veteran's honors, crafts & food, amazing people + generations coming together to commemorate their Native American traditions as their celebrate their culture and life.

Filming & editing by Ann M. Wolf
Event Coordinating by Linda Veal & Carol Cash with family
Host Drum: Wolastokwik
MC: Bert Dallas Cox
Guest Photographers: Pamela Adkins Pry & Terrie VanCuren
KIA/MIA/POW Ceremony: Ann M. Wolf with tech support by Charles J. Byerly
Original works as Ann M. Wolf Gallery & Videos by Ann M. Wolf
Closing instrumental track: "Lovers in the Night" by Lobo Loco

ARTIST INFO: https://annmwolf.info/

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