ABOUT VIDEO: Rarely granted, Ann M. Wolf received permission to film part of the Grand Entry of the Euharlee (Georgia) Veterans PowWow, 2019, an event held in honor of those who serve. The reason for this is because it is critical that we teach the Sacred Ways & so that future generations will learn & carry forward, these traditions of honor, remembrance, and respect. "A'ho" (Thank you.)

Host, MC & Head Organizer: Veteran Joey Pierce

Host Drum: Dog River (Drummers & Singers),
who kept the heartbeat of the PowWow...

Video was filmed, created & edited by Ann M. Wolf, Recording Artist, Author, Speaker - A Voice for Freedom © 2021 - annmwolf.info

Special thanks to Lobo Loco for use of "Verona" as film-credits track

After Grand Entry, the wounded + KIA/POW/MIAs are further recognized with Ann M. Wolf's Missing Man/Soldier's Cross Ceremony. Learn more: https://annmwolf.info/

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