Let's face it, folks, Prince Andrew did not miss the signs according to Virginia Roberts claims she had sex with the prince at financier's new york home. Seriously it has to be said any claim by the Prince that he missed any signs just doesn't stand the test of scrutiny the footage of the Duke of York – then the UK's Special Representative for International Trade – was taken less than an hour after Epstein, who had been convicted of sex with a child in 2008, left the house in the company of a young, shivering blonde woman.

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With the bombshells coming out of the #Epstein arrest and his connections to #Mossad and the #SexualBlackmail ring that has been revealed because of it is just the TIP OF THE ICERBERG when it comes to this sordid tale of pedophilia and sex trafficking for intelligence & blackmail on politicians and other important targets so the State of Israel can leverage these men & women with footage/recordings/documents they've gotten from these rings they use. #YouTube allows this type of stuff to remain on their platforms while the censor and terminate content like mine because I speak the #Truth which has become "Illegal" (under color of law, mind you... not LAWFUL) today according to those who wield the control and select the justices and such that sit on our #SupremeCourt (both in Israel and the US.)

#WakeUpAmerica -- They conflate the issues to make you confused chasing your tail...

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