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He & Reinhardt Bonke told me in front of my #ChurchOnTheWay (VanNuys,Ca 1995) packed East & West campus church, night service; on TV, that since I was the only one in my section of the church who didn't fall over when everyone toppled over in my half of the he service (TorontoBlessing was a big 'HolySpirit' 'movent' of which my Spirit discerned to me was a Zionist/Kaballist = Misrepresentation! (Gal3:16 Acts7:43 Rev3:9 explain!) Katherine Coolman & Aimee Semple McPhearson had the same concerns! Read #ThisIsThat!
AG/4Square distraction) and i just stood there! Hayford leaned close to me and said; " God is saving the strongest for the end!" Another #iCanOnlyImagine! Moment. I'll finish this story in my book>>>StayTheCourseFreedomMan.comomMan.com!
Vol1 #ThePatioTalks!

The Deep State Snakes war has always been against true Christians! In the beginning (DayOfCreation) was TheWord (JesusChrist) And TheWord was with God, and TheWord was God!

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