This is try out! Testing for new news so please help out. As you know I'm starting a new channel with an American journalist and we're aiming to try and wake up the fence sitters, the ones that are asleep but starting to awaken. These kinds of news are for them, not for you guys who are fully awake but as you know we need to grow in number so please help out and give us all your tips to improve these news to help awaken more ppl. Thank you so much! <3
I'll be back soon with other more suited news for this channel I just want to get this up and running first and if you'd like to help out even more with sharing news from the ground let me know, I'm looking for correspondents in all countries world wide!

World News April 8th
In the news today :
The effectiveness of the COVID 19 vaccine
Germany has decide to establish a medical apartheid
India for its so-called “spike in COVID 19 cases
The U.S. Government is launching a Soviet-style propaganda campaign
Who most influences US Government policy?

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MUST WATCH: This guy tries to wake up the people!y tries to wake up the people!

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