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Welteislehre im Gespräch World ice theory under discussion<GERMAN SPEAKING> Ein Video über die Welteislehre von Hanns Hörbiger und Philipp Fauth. Die Glacialkosmologie wird jetzt nach über 100 Jahren nach erscheinen des Buches immer mehr durch aktuelle wissenschaftliche Beobachtungen und Messungen bestätigt.Video gefunden bei dem YoutubeKanal "Weltfreund".🏔
࿕⚡⚡A video about the world ice theory by Hanns Hörbiger and Philipp Fauth. The glacial cosmology is now more and more confirmed by current scientific observations and measurements after more than 100 years after the book was published.
  [The following is just some from jewapedia/Wikipedia definition so is likely to be taken with a grain of salt]🔎In the Third ReichEdit
After Hörbiger’s death in 1931, the followers of WEL came to the conclusion that given the changing political situation in Germany, aligning the idea with National Socialism would eventually lead to its acceptance; WEL had already been heavily and successfully promoted as the "German antithesis" of the "Jewish" theory of relativity in the late 1920s. And so the movement became more and more pro-Nazi, with WEL supporters saying things like: "Our Nordic ancestors grew strong in ice and snow; belief in the Cosmic Ice is consequently the natural heritage of Nordic Man.", "Just as it needed a child of Austrian culture – Hitler! – to put the Jewish politicians in their place, so it needed an Austrian to cleanse the world of Jewish science.", and "the Führer, by his very life, has proved how much a so-called 'amateur' can be superior to self-styled professionals; it needed another 'amateur' to give us a complete understanding of the Universe."[citation needed]

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