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I have a bullwhip on order, she says they are backed up, everyone wants one! I had a bullwhip when I was a kid, they are fun. Have had several tweakers crack a bullwhip around me, no big deal, one had a pink whip, ran from the police, jumped into the river and drowned, they say he was a nice guy. Of course the reno city council has banned whips in the city limits, are they allowed in the bedroom, ha ha! They do not sound like a gun.

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Diversity is NOT our strength.

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Bending Reality™ follows Business Developer, Activist, Author, Intuitive Consultant™, Historian and Name Reader™ Michael Stephens journey as he changes lives, reveals truth and explores the world.

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Whipping the lines you use is a mark of someone who has pride in their work and tools.

This is a demonstration of what I was taught is called a temporary whipping. As opposed to a needle whipping which is more durable.
But this simple and easy whipping is usually all that is needed in most situations. And it’s certainly better than what most people do. Which is nothing.

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Book Review of "Breaking Down the Wall of Silence"
by Alice Miller

Book Review by
William Schaeffer
copyright (c) 2015


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