This video is dealing with this "viral" Pandemic as a False Flag, as it is late enough that the typical red-flag signs are apparent. False Flag doesn’t mean everything has been faked; just that it is not the Official way TPTB have their controlled media tell you it is.
You and your circle of friends can use this quarantine opportunity Time to plan your future goals. When the re-start or re-boot occurs you can lead a different economic life. You can say, “I am not going to take it any longer having the Elite-Cabal PTB as my leaders any longer.” Record this statement ‘TDC’ (under Threat, Duress, & Coercion) as your next signature sign-up for YOUR licensed REPRESENTATIVEs in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on the MARK OF THE BEAST electronic signature board. But you must be willing to become or already self-responsible. This is what self-government is all about under County [land] form and local Sheriff; as opposed to Admiralty-Maritime-commercial-corporate-REPRESENTATIVE-Federal-Vatican-NWO-City of LondonInc.=a fearmongering fear-based "life."

3 months, 1 week ago

Präsident Trump ist gewillt, die Federal Reserve zu entmachten

Der Präsident kann und wird die Kontrolle über die Fed übernehmen. Es darf daran erinnert werden, dass, als das Gesetz zur Schaffung der Federal Reserve geschrieben wurde, der Finanzminister der Leiter der Federal Reserve war. Wir müssen wieder dorthin zurückkehren. Ob man es mag oder nicht, die Fed wird wiederum der Politik unterstellt werden müssen. Die privaten Bänkerfamilien, die sich an der bisherigen Ordnung unendlich bereichert haben, leisten naturgemäß erbitterten Widerstand,
aber Trump zerbricht ihn Schritt um Schritt. Weltweit.
Genießt die Vorstellung.

Hat Trump gerade die FED entmachtet?

3 months, 2 weeks ago