1. The 2020 Election was stolen! Want the evidence?
The evidence is linked. We must take it back by any
means necessary. The link for proof below.
2. SUPER MILITIA: Simply subscribe to this channel and
you are automatically a member. WHITE PATRIOTS ONLY.
Certainly Non-Whites can form their own Patriot Militia
but the Super Militia here is strictly for White Americans
and White Europeans... No Hate.
Your personal information is not required, simply vow to
be aware and share. No central hub, no tracking, maybe
"Super Militia" T-Shirts to show unity. Pursue growth, get
your trusted family and friends onboard.
Creators can also support via their channels and reach. We
unite, we protest, we march, we win.
3. LAST BUT NOT LEAST. We must separate, then we must
unite to conquer the Controllers, they are the true
enemies of America and the Western World. All races
are hated and despised by the Controllers. They must be
boycotted, shutdown, and removed from all Western
Countries and to be honest, all countries, perhaps from
the entire Planet Earth... If they are not of this Earth.

Always remember, this is for the future
empowerment of all our children, the children of
all races but mostly white:)

Where is the evidence? Here is a chunk to consider - https://www.bitchute.com/video/YJ5qvr7J0UE5/

Some of the supporters of our people you should SUBSCIBE to on Bitchute, Odysee, and other
alternative social media outlets:

1. Jared Taylor with American Renaissance / AmRen.com
2. Way of the World
3. Red Elephants
4. Black Pilled
5. Nick Fuentes
6. John Doyle
7. Mark Collett / Patriotic Alternative

These are just some of the courageous folks that offer facts and support with no Hate but a
desire to separate to create a better and more diverse world for us all.

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"There's no place in America for this" -NAACP

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